Expanding the Vogue Gas Stove Range

Expanding the Vogue Gas Stove Range

Taking the elegant styling of the Gazco Vogue gas stove range, the new Midi T’s bevelled cast iron exterior encases a new taller firebox which offers a three-sided view of the impressive, extended flame visuals.

The Vogue Midi T’s interior is equally inspiring, displaying a highly realistic log engine reflected on multiple sides by Gazco’s EchoFlame Black Glass interior. Each ceramic log is positioned to resemble a real wood burning fire, with flames emerging from multiple ports to ensure a varied, natural looking, effect.

Gazco Vogue Midi T Gas Stoves

Gazco Vogue Midi T Gas Stoves

Incorporating advanced gas fire technology, the Midi T ensures an ample heat output of up to 4.8kW, with high efficiencies of 84%, which can be easily controlled with the remote control options.

New Base and Mounting Options for the Vogue Gas stove range

Available in four different models, the Midi T series presents a wealth of installation choices. Brand new options include the new Midline base model, which adds presence by significantly elevating the firebox, as well as a new wall mounted model, offering a modern, floating installation.

In addition, homeowners can also opt for the standard Midi T or the Midline log store model, which can be loaded with logs to complement the stove’s wood burning aesthetic.

Find your local Gazco retailer for more information and download the latest brochure.

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