Wall Mounted Electric Heat

Wall Mounted Electric Heat

If you are unable to have that modern wood burner in your home, then an electric fire could be the perfect option you never knew you had. Gazco’s Radiance Wall Mounted Electric Fires range might be an alternative to anything that might require hands-on installation. Find out about what a wall mounted fire can offer you...

An electric fire can be a wonderful contemporary addition to any home. Designed with simplicity in mind, Gazco’s wall mounted Radiance Electric fires were crafted for those that wanted to make one particular room the heart of their home. Making for a powerful focal point, this easy to install wall mounted fire requires no hands-on installation or building work. You simply hang onto the wall of your choosing with access to a three-pin plug socket and you are ready for instant heat.

Radiance Glass

The Radiance Glass fire has been designed with a stylish reflective solid black Glass frame. Perfectly encapsulating the flickering amber or blue flames of your choosing, depending on the ambiance you wish to create.

The Radiance wall mounted electric fire features Gazco’s innovative Chromalight 12-colour LED backlighting and two heat settings. It radiates a spectrum of captivating colours so you can create the perfect backdrop for any occasion or mood with its easy installation, this fire is practically portable to any room within the home.

Radiance Steel

With its simple yet modern design, the backlit Gazco Steel frame complements the Radiance beautifully to create an eye-catching showpiece with understated style. Presented in a sleek and smart Graphite finish.

The Steel frame features state-of-the-art LED backlighting, emitting an ambient glow in 12 evocative colours and two heat settings. The remote control lets you set the Radiance to smoothly and continuously cycle through each colour, lock to your desired tint, or turn them off altogether so you can simply enjoy the flames by themselves.

The Radiance electric fires are also available as inset models, Radiance Inset Edge and Radiance Inset Verve XS, if you prefer a more permanent focal point to your home.

For more information on what this range of electric fires can offer you and your home, head to our Find A Retailer page to find your local expert supplier.

3 responses to “Wall Mounted Electric Heat”

  1. Muhammad Isa says:

    Hello there! My designer our based an electric heater from you over just over a year ago. The screen on the remote just seems to show up as blank but it still has the lighting. I was wondering how I can get hold of a new remote for my product?

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Muhammad, it’s common for the screen to loose it’s display when the batteries are running low. I’d recommend you change the batteries in the remote first as this should solve this. Replacement remotes are available via our spares website however.

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