Compact Radiance 50W and 50R electric fires for every home!

Compact Radiance 50W and 50R electric fires for every home!

Joining the stylish Radiance electric fire range are two new smaller models that are perfect for tight spots.

The new 50W and 50R fires add smaller size options to both the wall mounted and Radiance inset electric fire ranges, which are perfect for standard chimney breast locations and other narrow wall spaces. Whichever Radiance you choose, this designer fire will provide a striking centrepiece for your home.

All Radiance fires benefit from thermostatic ambient heating, letting you set the temperature you desire and relax whilst the Radiance does the rest for you. Alternatively you can enjoy the visual effects without any heat at all.

Key Details of our Radiance 50W & 50R

  • Inset and wall mounted models
  • Three different flame options: Amber, Blue, Amber with Blue Accent
  • Flames and fuel effect lighting can be enjoyed without the heat
  • 50W features Chromalight® Backlighting LED system
  • Choice of framing options
  • Choice of fuel effects
  • Thermostatic remote control for ambient heating
  • Open window detection

Expanding the Radiance electric fire collection to no less than 10 models, these new fires benefit from the range’s advanced LED flame technology and lighting effects.

Three different flame colour settings provide mesmerising visuals that can be displayed without the heat, if desired. Radiance 50W wall mounted fires offer additional ambience with their Chromalight® LED backlighting, which can be set to 13 vivid colours.

Both fires can be styled with the range’s selection of framing options and choice of fuel effects to suit your interior.

Please note that these two models are not available in our Radiance Illuminating Offers. However, please take advantage of this exciting new offer for a limited time only, you can get you can get up to £500 or €500 off suggested retail prices on selected Radiance fires.

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  1. irene gibbons says:

    How do I find the prices for the fires ??

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