Choosing your Stovax woodburner

Choosing your Stovax woodburner

Why burning wood is a popular way to heat our homes.

Burning wood is a popular way to heat our homes. Today’s woodburning stoves and fires are not only stylish but super-efficient, helping you to reduce your monthly outgoings.

With the trend for a more eco friendly lifestyle gathering pace, the carbon neutral benefits of woodburning are as relevant as ever. So, if you are thinking of buying a woodburner for your home, here are a few important steps to consider before buying your appliance:

Decide on your budget

You will need to consider the cost of the stove or fire itself and the installation requirements for your home.

Room size versus stove size

There are various Stovax stove sizes to look out for, a rough guide to finding out the size of stove needed is: 1kW of heat output will comfortably heat 14 cubic metres of space.

Do I live in a Smoke Control Area?

Living in this type of area means that you are only allowed to use an “exempted” heating appliance usually labelled as, “Suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas”. It is recommended that you contact your Local Authority to find out whether your home is located in one of these areas.

Have your chimney swept

Sweeping removes the soot and tar deposits accumulated over a period of time (a year usually!). It is necessary to have your chimney swept every year and for those frequent users, it is worth considering having your chimney swept at least twice a year.

Visit your local retailer

For those homeowners thinking of purchasing a woodburning appliance, ensure that you visit a reputable local retailer. They will be able to advise you on all aspects, from assessing your home, recommending an installer and providing any after sales support you may require. You should also view a wide range of appliances in full operation and a reputable retailer will make this available to you in their showroom.

Stovax has a wide selection of woodburning stoves and fires in various sizes and styles. If you live in a Smoke Control Area, there is a huge range of appliances available to choose from. With Stovax’s expert retailer network across the UK, you are already one step closer to finding that perfect fire for your home!

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  1. heidi says:

    please provide a dealer – rep for the west coast of the united states (seattle)

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