Choosing a contemporary gas stove

Choosing a contemporary gas stove

You may have decided that a gas stove is the best heating option for your home. If you have a modern interior, here are some of Gazco’s contemporary models.

Loft gas stove

Taking inspiration from Nordic style, the Loft is a tall and impressive gas stove with a variety of installation options.

With its highly realistic fuel bed composed of hand painted realistic logs, the Loft’s flames are mirrored on all sides by the EchoFlame Black glass lining. Framed with reflective black glass, the firebox also adds a striking two-tone contrast to the matt steel body.

Vogue Midi T gas stove

The Gazco Vogue Midi T gas stove comes with a variety of options, including Midline and Highline versions which offer a log store base for a realistic wood burning result.

The Midi T gas stove range also offers a three-sided view of the impressive visuals, meaning you can enjoy the flames from multiple areas in a living space.

Studio Freestanding gas stove

The Studio Freestanding gas fire range comes in two different sizes: the smaller Studio 1 and the larger Studio 2.

Controlled with a Programmable Thermostatic Remote, this contemporary gas log burner is easy and convenient to use while offering a very contemporary flame picture.

Alternative fuel effects are available in both sizes, meaning that if you are not looking for a traditional log look, you can opt for Pebble & Stone, or even Driftwood for a more beachy vibe.

If any of these contemporary gas stoves have interested you, download the brochure to find out more, and be sure to contact your local expert retailer.

3 responses to “Choosing a contemporary gas stove”

  1. Sharafat Ali says:

    Hi whats the difference between Gazco loft vs the Gazco midi balanced Flue????

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hello, thanks for your messsage. While these are both great gas stoves, they both other something quite different in terms of style. We’d recommend seeing them both in person at your local retailer and see which you prefer.
      Best wishes, Chris

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Posted by on May 31, 2019

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