Can I have a stove without a chimney?

Can I have a stove without a chimney?

The short answer is YES YOU CAN! And what’s more, you’ll be pleased to know you have our full range of stoves to choose from, whether you are looking for wood burning, multi-fuel, gas or electric. Want to know more? Read the long answer below for the details.

Installing wood burning and multi-fuel stoves in chimneyless homes

Along with one of the biggest range of wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves in the UK and Ireland, we also offer an innovative prefabricated chimney system specifically designed for installing our stoves and fires in homes without a chimney.

Offered in 6 flue diameters and a variety of fixings and accessories, the Professional XQ range can be installed to meet almost any flueing requirement. Depending on your preference the flue system can be installed on either the inside of your house or mounted to the outside to reduce both installation time and cost.

And to help match any requirements that may have been set by your local planning authorities, the Professional XQ range can be powder coated in over 450 colour choices.

Your local Stovax retailer will be able to do a full site survey for your home and arrange the installation of your stove and flue system. And to give you complete peace of mind, the Stovax Professional XQ™ range carries a 10 year extended warranty.

Installing gas stoves in chimneyless homes

All of our Gazco traditional and contemporary gas stoves are available in balanced flue versions, meaning they can be installed in almost any property.

These specially designed gas stoves use a twin walled flue system to remove combustion gases whilst drawing in combustion oxygen. Depending on your home and installation preference, the stove’s balanced flue can be installed to exit though an outside wall or flat roof, usually ending in a terminal.

One additional advantage of balanced flue gas stoves over conventional flue gas stoves (which require a chimney) is that they are completely sealed from the room and therefore often more efficient.

Your local Gazco retailer will have all the expertise required to be able to advise on what type of balanced flue installation is suitable for your home, in addition to answering and questions you might have regarding which gas stove to choose.

 No chimney needed for electric stoves

The easiest option out all those listed above, the electric stove offers complete convenience and near enough instant setup times. Because electric stoves don’t actually burn anything, there is no need for any chimney or flue system to be installed. And with their only requirement being a nearby plug socket, Gazco contemporary and traditional electric stoves can be placed almost anywhere you choose.

Gazco electric stoves feature highly realistic flame effects and are constructed with the same cast iron and heavy-gauge steel materials as our gas and solid fuel stoves, making them a superb alternative. To view our range of electric stoves, contact your local Gazco retailer.

4 responses to “Can I have a stove without a chimney?”

  1. Rory Brosnan says:


    I’m looking for a Stove that uses no glue for a new buid. The open plan room has underfloor heating.

    5.6 wide x 11m long x 3.5 high

    Please let me know my options

  2. James says:

    Looking for a gas stove that has no flue. Have a gas fire in situ with a balance flue to an outside wall as no chimney but loses a percentage of the heat. Have are newer systems that have no flues and just require an air vent to the outside.

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi James, thanks for your comment. This is not something we offer unfortunately and all our gas models do require a flue to operate.
      Best wishes, Chris

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