Log Pile Buy your logs now – you do not have to wait until autumn!

Buy your logs now – you do not have to wait until autumn!

Order your logs in the next month or so and you could benefit in several ways

Britain is relatively lightly forested compared to mainland Europe but, according to the Forestry Commission, we could use a lot more British-grown wood as fuel without harming the sustainability or environmental quality of our woods and forests, and without impinging on wood supplies to other users.

That’s because there is still a lot of wood that is not currently being used commercially that could be utilised for wood fuel. In fact, Forestry Commission England estimates that up to 2 million tonnes a year could be produced from currently “under-managed” woodland in England alone, saving 400,000 tonnes of carbon emissions a year.

Many people wait until the first chills of autumn before they think about ordering their store of logs. Order in the next month or so, however, and you could benefit in several ways:

  • Lower prices – with less demand for logs at this time of year, it is possible to obtain discounts or take advantage of summer offers.
  • Secured supply – you will not have to chase around the suppliers nor wait for delivery when it gets to autumn. Indeed, many log suppliers are extremely busy in the autumn and delivery times can become protracted.
  • Storage now aids seasoning – obtaining and stacking logs now can provide another 4 or 5 months of ‘seasoning’ in the warmer, drier air of summer. Even better, just like laying down wine, you can buy logs now for winter 2011…the longer they are dried; the better the logs are for your stove or fire.

Solid Fuel Technology Institute figures show that wood remains the cheapest form of heating fuel. So buy your logs now and you could save even more, as well as helping to improve the environment through the use of renewable energy.

For additional information please also see ‘Tips on buying logs for your wood burning stove’.

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