Boiler stoves – top 5!

Boiler stoves – top 5!

Homeowners looking to supply their own domestic hot water and central heating requirements or augment their existing heating system can choose from a range of contemporary and traditionally styled boiler stoves.

PLEASE NOTE: Stovax no longer produce any boiler stove models, but we do have other wood burning stoves available. Visit our product finder.

The size of your house and heating system is an important aspect to consider when choosing your boiler stove. If you a have a boiler stove that is too big for your house, it will make your house too hot and will not be efficient. Alternatively, if you have a boiler stove that is too small, it will not maintain your desired temperature.

You can size the boiler correctly by calculating the following heat loads:

The amount of heat required to run the radiators efficiently. The correct size of radiator depends on the required temperature for the room, the room heat losses and the radiator manufacturer’s guides.

Hot Water
The amount of heat required to provide the desired amount of domestic hot water.

The amount of heat lost in pipe work – typically 10% of the combined radiators and hot water loads. Please note that there are national guidelines for calculating these figures (See BS 5449: 1)

Your expert local retailer will guide you on the most suitable boiler stove for your home.

We have put together our top 5 Stovax boiler stoves.

Stockton 7HBi Inset Boiler Stove

With a heat output of up to 4kw to a room and 7.4kW to a boiler, the Stockton 7HBi boiler stove is capable of supplying 8 standard sized radiators. This boiler stove is capable of burning both logs and smokeless fuels. You can choose from a range of finishes.

View 8HB Boiler Stove

Featuring a 4.9kW heat output to a room and 8.2kW heat output to a boiler, the contemporary View 8HB boiler stove is able to power up to 8 standard sized radiators.

Stockton 8HB Boiler Stove

Capable of supplying 9 standard sized, single radiators, the Stockton 8HB boiler stove can provide up to a 6kW of heat to a room and up to 8.2KW of heat to a boiler.

Stockton 11HB Boiler Stove

Designed to provide 7kw of heat room and up to 11kW of heat to a boiler, the Stockton 11HB boiler stove is capable of supplying up to 15 standard sized radiators.

Stockton 14HB Boiler Stove

The largest in the boiler stove range, the Stockton 14HB provides up to 14kW of heat to a boiler and is capable of supplying 19 standard sized radiators.

Stovax has produced a ‘link up’ boiler guide to download before discussing your requirements with a qualified heating engineer.

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