What are the benefits to purchasing a wood burning stove for your home?

What are the benefits to purchasing a wood burning stove for your home?

Perhaps you are someone that is interested in the idea of a wood burning stove or fire, but are not sold on the idea just yet? Well, we have put together some reasons as to how and why a wood burning stove can benefit you and your home.

Additional Heat Source

Purchasing a wood burning stove or fire can be the perfect cost-effective, additional heating that your home needs! The addition of a wood burning stove or fire can enable you to reduce the amount of time you give to your central heating system and the amount of money you spend on having it on during those chilly winter months. In some cases, you might find that you can turn off your central heating system entirely, and simply use your stove or fire for a more focused heating just within your living room – or where ever you have placed your wood burning stove.

If, however, you are looking to heat your home entirely, then you may want to consider our range of boiler stoves. These particular wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are exceptionally powerful and can heat up to an incredible 19 radiators, your domestic hot water, as well as an 8000 BTU tank, which means can rely on yourself to produce your own source of heat and never need to rely on energy providers again!

Enviromentally Friendly

if you are someone who is looking for an environmentally friendly way to heat your home, then a wood burning stove can be the perfect option for you. You can purchase logs from sustainable plantations which are a renewable fuel type, unlike fossil fuels, which are a finite fuel type.

So, if you have found that you might be interested in an environmentally friendly stove, head on over to our Ecodesign Ready wood burning stove and fire appliances. These stoves have been strategically designed to burn at the highest possible efficiency whilst reducing emissions by 90% for better Air Quality, and that has been accepted by the government’s Clean Air Strategy. When it comes to burning/purchasing wood for your stove, always ensure you burn “Woodsure Ready to Burn” certified logs, or wood with a moisture content lower than 20%.


Perhaps you are looking for an appliance that has a multipurpose focal point to it? There are stoves that not only provide you with heat for your home, but can actually allow you to cook with them! The Stockton 8 and the Stockton 11 cook stoves have been designed with a stainless-steel top, that has the ability to heat multiple pans and comes with optional warming shelves for additional cooking space.

A Centrepiece For The Home!

And, finally, last but not least, wood burning stoves can be a beautiful addition to your home. A wood burning stove or fire can come in a variety of designs and tastes to suit your home, whether it be contemporary or traditional, there is something for everyone. A wood burning stove or fire can add a beautiful centrepiece to any home they are installed in and create the perfect hygge feeling to any room, and they don’t even need to be in use!

Cast Iron Savings Promotion

This exciting promotion gives you the opportunity to get up to £/€500 off suggested retail prices across our cast iron Stovax Huntingdon and Brunel wood burning stove ranges, for a limited time only until November 29th 2019.

So, if you haven’t been completely convinced, then find out more about our ever-expanding range of wood burning stoves and fires by visiting your local expert retailer today!

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