Carbon Monoxide Detector Are You Carbon Monoxide Aware?

Are You Carbon Monoxide Aware?

Fuels, including wood burning and gas, are safe to burn if your stove or fire is installed, maintained and used correctly.If you don't regularly maintain your wood burner, for example, you are at risk from a Carbon Monoxide leak that is the result of incomplete burning of a fuel.

Carbon Monoxide is highly poisonous and has no taste, smell or colour and can be present in gas, oil, solid mineral fuel and wood burning products. If you do become exposed to CO (Carbon Monoxide) gas it can lead to permanent damage to your health and in a high dose can be fatal.

But, if you look out for the signs and take the following advice you will dramatically reduce your risk of exposure.

Early Symptoms
These are very easy to confuse with common illness, so be vigilant.
• Headaches
• Nausea
• Short of breath
• Dizziness
• Lethargic
• Collapse
• Stomach pains
• Chest pains
• Vomiting
• Erratic behaviour

Fit an Audible CO Alarm

HETAS recommend that a CO alarm is installed in your house for both new and existing installations. Stovax have recently launched a brand new Carbon Monoxide Detector that uses the latest in electrochemical cell technology to ensure accuracy and reliability when protecting your family and home. it is also cleverly designed so that you can simply ‘fit & forget’.

• Battery is supplied pre-fitted and guaranteed for 6 years
• Easy to install with fixing pack included
• No maintenance required, no need to replace any parts or batteries

If you would like any more information about this please get in touch with your local Stovax retailer.

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