All New Wood burning cassette fire range – The ELISE!

All New Wood burning cassette fire range – The ELISE!

Advanced engineering and stylish aesthetics combine to bring you the Elise, a wood burning and multi-fuel cassette fire range that leads the way to a greener future.

Presented in a choice of three sizes, offering both landscape and portrait perspectives; the versatility of the Elise is only matched by its progressive design, offsetting its minimalist lines and surfaces with a tapered firebox featuring a scalloped lining.

Heralding a new era of ultra-green technology, the Elise wood burning and multi-fuel fire is a forerunner of Eco-Design fires, redefining cleaner burning with its all-new design. These forward-thinking fires incorporate a complex series of chambers, allowing air to be delivered with precision accuracy to multiple areas of the firebox. This groundbreaking airflow system facilitates the Elise’s ultra-green combustion process – reducing emissions to remarkably low amounts.

Delivering a truly unmatched performance in greener heating, homeowners can be confident that the Elise is prepared for the increasing push towards greener energy and ever tightening emission standards.

The range also benefits from both Warm Air Ducting and Fan Kit optional extras, maximising the fire’s potential by both increasing the heating capability and channelling heat to other rooms.

A range of stylish frames

The Elise is offered in a variety of framing options, homeowners can choose from an array of both 3-sided and 4-sided designs in a choice of styles and colours.

Elise Edge wood burning and multi-fuel fire
For a minimalist, hole in the wall look, all Elise fires are ready to install as a frameless Edge model, allowing the surrounding wall to be plastered or tiled right up to the fire’s edge for an integrated installation, whether hearth mounted or positioned further up the wall.

Elise Edge+ wood burning and multi-fuel fire
The optional Edge+ frame offered in both three sided and four sided versions, adds an extremely narrow border that provides a seamless finish to your Edge installations, preserving the minimalist hole in the wall look but masking any fitting imperfections.

Elise Profil wood burning and multi-fuel fire
The Profil frame provides a subtle, stylish finish enhancing the fire’s clean lines. Like the Edge styles, the Profil is available as either a three sided frame for hearth mounted installations or a four sided frame for higher up the wall.

Elise Expression wood burning and multi-fuel fire
The Expression frame provides a striking, geometric surround. This deep profiled frame is available in a bold Graphite finish, ensuring the Expression gives a harmonious visual statement.

Cosy up this winter with an Elise wood burning and multi-fuel fire

Cosy up this winter with an Elise wood burning and multi-fuel fire

Elise Evoke Steel wood burning and multi-fuel fire
The double layered Evoke Steel frame combines a two-part design to create a sophisticated, three-dimensional style that can lend an eye-catching finish to all models in the Elise range.

At Stovax, we have always strived to create products that minimise our environmental impact. Our advanced cleanburning stoves and fires have been the result of over 34 years of experience and development, with the majority of our products designed to operate in smoke control areas.

But producing DEFRA exempt appliances is only the beginning. The real challenge is to create environmentally friendly products that not only comply with local restrictions, but also pave the way for a global, sustainable future. With this in mind, we have developed the Elise as a fully compliant Eco-Design fire – way ahead of the 2022 mandatory EU particulate emission levels. Not content just to achieve the proposed emission reductions, we have created an ultra-green fire that goes far beyond them.

Featuring an advanced combustion system, the Elise is able to reduce particulate emissions to an absolute minimum, making it one of the most environmentally friendly fires on the market.

To find out more about the Elise wood burning and multi-fuel fire, please visit your local Stovax retailer for more information.

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Posted by on September 25, 2015

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