Riva Studio 3 Freestanding Accessorise your wood burning stove with a steel bench!

Accessorise your wood burning stove with a steel bench!

Are you looking for an acccessory that will create a focal point that will leave everyone talking? Find out what a Stovax steel bench can do for your wood burning stove today!

A great accessory and alternative to the ‘on hearth’ mounting of contemporary wood burning stoves can be one of Stovax’s steel benches. Offered in a variety of sizes, you can be sure to find something no matter the dimensions of your wood burner! Standing at 250mm or 350mm high with 60mm wide legs, you can not only match the bench to the space available within your home but can match it to your unique style by positioning your wood burning stove either centrally or offset to one side. Depending on the colour of your stove the matt finish of your steel bench can either complement it perfectly or create a striking contrast, both are equally bound to have all who enter your home talking.

A steel bench can sound like a wonderful way to create a powerful focal point to any room, but perhaps you would prefer to see how exactly it might look paired with a wood burning stove? Not a problem, we have provided a few examples below:

The Stovax Studio 2 with 140 Low Bench

The Stovax Studio 2 Freestanding wood burning fire offers an incredible heat output of up to 11kW with an energy efficiency class of A, allowing you to get the most out of your fuel while maintaining a large amount of heat to keep your home warm.

The Studio 500 Freestanding with 100 Low Bench

The Studio 500 Freestanding wood burning stove has a high-performance heat output up to 7kW, and with the incredible diversity of this stove, you can be sure that it can suit almost any interior, whether that be traditional or contemporary.

The Studio 3 Freestanding with Riva 180 High Bench

The largest in Stovax’s Studio range is the Studio 3 Freestanding wood burning stove. If you are looking for something that creates mesmerising flame visuals and can heat an incredibly large home or room, you might want to consider this wood burner as it can produce a heat output of up to 11kWs! If this large stove isn’t a demanding enough focal point for your home, it can also be paired with a steel bench.

If you think that one of Stovax’s freestanding wood burning fires is something you might consider after seeing some of the above examples, then you can see them at your local expert retailer! Make your way to our Find A Retailer page and have a look at some of these stoves and benches for yourself!

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