Marlborough Electric A Very Convenient Heating Solution From Gazco

A Very Convenient Heating Solution From Gazco

Gazco has a great range of highly realistic, log effect electric stoves.

Some rooms are harder to heat than others. Some rooms have conveniently placed fireplaces for a wood burning fire or gas fire or perfectly designed inglenooks for a large wood burning stove. But, where there are no chimneys or convenient fireplaces, Gazco have a solution.

Gazco has a great range of highly realistic, log effect, electric stoves that do not require a chimney and can therefore be incorporated into a number of different rooms and houses. These electric stoves are so versatile that they can be used in kitchens, conservatories, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Also, as they are electric stoves, they can be moved carefully from one room to the next and simply plugged in to provide instant heat and realistic flame effects.

If you would like to find out more about our electric range, including electric wall mounted fires and electric inset fires, please take a look at the product area of this site or get in touch with your local Gazco retailer.

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