A small gas fire with big style

A small gas fire with big style

Adding a smaller size to Gazco’s respected Riva2 range is the 400, an all-new inset gas fire that offers eye-catching flame visuals and bold styling options.

Suitable for a wide range of homes, this stunning Riva2 400 gas fire features a highly realistic log-effect fuel bed composed in such a way to ensure an inspiring flame picture with both depth and height.

Tall flames rise throughout the logs to closely resemble that of an authentic wood fire and can be easily controlled with the standard Programmable Thermostatic remote control, which also allows the fire to be set to burn at specified times and temperatures. Providing an ample 3.9kW heat output, this high efficiency gas fire easily warms standard room sizes making it a practical heating choice for a great many homeowners.

Styling options for the Riva2 400 Gas Fire

The Riva2 400’s lining options make this a truly versatile gas fire. Homeowners can select a light coloured Vermiculite, elegant Black Reeded or Gazco’s depth-enhancing EchoFlame Black Glass which provides multiple reflections of the flames.

Designed to be installed as an Edge model as standard for a minimalist hole-in-the-wall focal point, the 400 is also available with a choice of frames, including the Evoke XS in Black or White Glass, Icon XS in full Black Glass or Verve XS with modular sections.

Verve XS Frame Options

Presenting a completely new styling option, the portrait Verve XS lets homeowners dramatically transform their 400 to suit their tastes. The curved, three-dimensional Verve XS can be installed as a standard frame or supplemented with interlocking top and base sections. The frame’s modular design lets homeowners opt for either top, base or both to create their desired look.

Evoke XS and Icon XS Framing Options

Choose from the new dual layered, steel and glass Evoke XS frames in Black or White or the full glass Icon XS frame.

Download the Riva2 Gas Fire brochure now. Find out more information by visiting local Gazco retailer.

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