The Sheraton 5 Wood Burning Stove

The Sheraton 5 Wood Burning Stove

Finding a wood burning stove or fire to suit your tastes and styles can be difficult as there are so many to choose from and all with their own design. Perhaps you are looking for something with a simple design that is able to confidently heat your home, while elegantly pairing with your interior styles? The Sheraton 5 is a stunning stove that can easily be paired with a modern, contemporary town house, or a quaint and traditional cottage.

Sheraton 5

The Stovax Sheraton 5 is a classically styled wood burning with a bevelled doorframe and matching cornicing to the cast iron top and bottom. The Sheraton 5 has been fitted with state-of-the-art low emission combustion systems and is Ecodesign Ready.

With a sleek matt black finish and simple aesthetic, the Sheraton 5 wood burning stove has been designed to pair with a variety of interior styles, colours, and décor, making it suitable for almost any home and any festive holiday!

This wood burning and multi-fuel stove is also available in a larger model –Sheraton 5 Wide.

Sheraton 5 Wide

If you are someone that is looking to heat a larger room or home, but enjoy the simplistic and easy-to-style nature of the Sheraton then, you’re in luck! Continuing the Sheraton range, the Sheraton 5 Wide wood burning and multi-fuel stove offers a more expansive flame view than the 5, making for a more powerful focal point for the home. Like the 5, the Wide features a bevelled door frame with matching cornicing to the cast iron top and bottom and is SIA EcoDesign Ready.

The Sheraton 5 is now avaible in a gas model also, if you find that a wood burning stove isn’t suited for you and your home.

If you think that the Sheraton range might be the perfect match for you, then make your way to our Find A Retailer, to find you local expert supplier today!

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