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We take great care to ensure that our products are designed, tested and manufactured to the highest possible quality and safety standards. To keep your fire operating to its highest potential whilst ensuring that any applicable warranty cover remains valid, why not consider a manufactures service.

Why choose a Service Visit from Stovax & Gazco?

  • A team of experienced Gas Safe & Hetas approved engineers who complete both warranty repairs and annual servicing
  • Our engineers will not only complete all required safety checks on your appliance but will also fully clean the product, leaving you with an appliance that looks fresh and ready for the next winter season
  • Our engineers will discuss fully any potential concerns with the product and what is required to resolve them
  • Our engineers will be professional and courteous and be fully equipped with all relevant PPE for their safety and that of our customers

Chargeable Annual Service – Warranty

It is a condition of the Extended Warranty that your Gazco or Stovax Stove or Fireplace is regularly serviced (every 12 months) by a suitably trained and qualified individual.

What is the cost of a Stovax & Gazco Manufactures visit?

Prices are as below. The attending engineer will take payment on site during the visit.

Gas Appliances:

  • Small 16×22” fires – Gazco Logic appliances £99 (Inc. Vat)
  • All other Gas appliances – £120 (Inc. Vat)

Detailed below is what our engineers will do to ensure that your fire continues to operate efficiently for the next winter season to come.

Our engineer will:

  • Ask you if you have experienced any issues with your fire or whether you have noticed any smell of gas
  • Complete a full strip down of fire, removing the control system
  • Clean the firebox
  • Complete a full and detailed clean of the engine, including the injectors, aeration plate and burner
  • Exchange the pilot assembly if required – this is a consumable item not covered under the appliance warranty
  • Relay the fuel bed adding new embaglow if required, spray any tired looking coals/logs
  • Carry out full safety checks
  • Clean the glass
  • Fill in the service record in the manual

Wood/Multi-Fuel Appliances:

All appliances £99 (Inc.Vat)

Detailed below is what our engineers will do to ensure that your fire continues to operate efficiently for the next winter season to come.

Our engineer will:

  • Fully inspect the appliance, checking all rope seals and replacing if necessary, checking baffles and bricks and advise if these should be changed
  • Remove all internals and clean out the firebox
  • Inspect flue /chimney if possible and advise on cleanliness for recommendation of chimney sweeping
  • Check operation and grease up all air controls and make sure they operate smoothly
  • Clean the glass
  • Carry out full safety checks including a smoke test and operation test by lighting the fire and taking a flue reading if possible
  • Report back to you any issues that may require further attention
  • Fill in the servicing section of the book.

The appliance serial number will be required to submit your service booking request.

How can I find my serial number?

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    Visit terms and conditions
    A service booking request can only be logged once all the details above have been completed and these visit terms and conditions have been accepted.
    For older appliances, each service booking will be looked at on an individual basis and may only be accepted based on spare part availability or the appliance condition.
    Our engineers will only be able to work on commissioned appliances so please have proof of commissioning, which will be found in your instruction manual or your building control certificate for the appliance ready for the engineer’s inspection.
    Due to engineer placement, we are currently only able to offer a manufactures service to customers in the UK mainland, this currently excludes Northern Ireland.
    Before the visit is booked all customers will receive an email detailing our pre-visit terms and conditions which must be accepted before confirmation of the booking can be given.
    Payment for the visit will be taken by the attending engineer. Any additional work requested of the engineer will be at the discretion of the engineer and charged accordingly.
    By submitting this booking request form you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions and the visit fee’s detailed above.