What is the difference between a wood burning and a multi-fuel appliance?

What is the difference between a wood burning and a multi-fuel appliance?

All Stovax Stoves and fires are designed either for multi-fuel use, which means they burn logs, smokeless fuels or peat/turf briquettes, or as dedicated woodburners only.

Dedicated wood burning stoves or fires are designed to burn wood in the most efficient way with combustion air coming from above the firebed (Airwash) along with the addition of a Cleanburn system ensuring the best possible combustion conditions. Woodburners have a fixed grate and no ashpan, since wood burns best on a bed of ashes.

Multi-fuel stoves or fires incorporate a raised grate system which allows combustion air under the fuel (primary air) for effective burning. This system also allows the easy removal of the ash from below using a removable ashpan.

All stoves or fires should only be used to burn the correct recommended fuels, when installed and operated as shown in the manual instruction of your product. Instruction Manuals can also be downloaded on the relevant product page, by clicking on the technical information tab.

Visit ‘The difference between wood burning and multi-fuel stoves’ page to find out more information about these fuel types.

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