Can I put a flat screen TV above my Stovax fire?

Can I put a flat screen TV above my Stovax fire?

Firstly, there is the basic principle that heat rises. Televisions and other similar equipment will not react well to exposure of excessive heat from below.

Inset cassette fires such as the Studio and Elise ranges, being flush with the wall, will transfer heat directly up the wall above. Every Stovax Group product states a distance above them where there must be no combustible material present such as TVs and other combustible material, and therefore the base of the appliance must be at least this far above the top of the installed fire. This measurement will frequently be of a height, which would not comfortably allow any TV to be practically placed there.

Freestanding stoves have a consistent requirement as per UK building regulations, which is that there must be no combustible material above the appliance for a distance of the flue diameter X 3. In effect, this will mean a height of either 15” / 375mm or 18” / 450mm.

Creating a recess in the wall above the fire to house a TV is a popular suggestion. However, it may actually cause a greater negative impact on the appliance because it will usually (a) place it even closer to the hot flue system rising from the fire and (b) place it in a confined space more prone to retaining the rising heat.

In conclusion, we would recommend avoiding the placing of delicate electrical equipment in close proximity to highly efficient and thus extremely hot heating products.

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