How much does it cost to run a gas stove or fire?

How much does it cost to run a gas stove or fire?

The cost of running a gas fire or stove depends on several factors: the size and efficiency of the unit and the gas utility company chosen. Please note that this information is merely a guide to help you calculate the approximate cost of running a gas fire or stove. By following a few simple steps below, you will have an idea of the approximate running cost of a gas fire or stove:

1. Identify the input rating (kW) of your gas fire or stove.

2. Find out how much you pay for your gas per kWh. You can do this by checking your last gas bill or contacting your gas provider. Please note that some homes have different gas tariffs.

3. You can now calculate the cost of running your gas fire or stove per hour. Please have a look at the calculation provided:
Appliance Input Rating (kWh) x Gas Price per kWh = Cost per hour

4. Once you have determined the running cost per hour of your gas appliance. You will now be able to calculate the total running cost. See calculations below:

Total running cost = cost per hour x number of hours in use

For example, if you have a balanced flue Riva2 530 gas fire, which has an input rating of 6.6kW and your house tariff is 4.6p (pence per kWh). The cost per hour of your gas appliance would be 30.36p. See the calculation below:

6.6kW (Appliance Input Rating) x 4.6p (Gas Price per kWh) = 30.36p (Cost per hour)

So, if you use your gas appliance for 2 hours a day. The total running cost of it would be:

30.36p (cost per hour) x 2 hours (number of hours in use) = 60.72p for 2 hours.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditionally styled gas fire or stove, Gazco has a wide range of highly efficient models to suit your budget and home. Please consult with your Gazco retailer for advice.

To find your local Gazco retailer, please visit our find a retailer section on the website.

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