How to Light your Multi-fuel Stove

Solid Fuel Fires


  1. Fully open the Primary air control and half open the Airwash control.
  2. Place a firelighter or paper together with dry kindling wood on the grate and light the firelighter or paper.
  3. Leave the door slightly open as the fire establishes and the glass warms, avoiding the possible build up of condensation.
  4. Add slightly larger pieces of wood to build the fire.
  5. Add your fuel. This must be anthracite, smokeless fuels, turf/peat briquettes etc. suitable for closed appliances.
  6. Do not smother the fire.
  7. Close the door fully.


  1. De-ash the fire bed.
  2. Fully open the Primary air control to fully establish a glowing bed before adding more fuel.
  3. Allow the fuel to burn at high output for a few minutes before adjusting the Primary air control to your desired setting.
  4. Refuel little and often for clean, efficient burning.

Useful tips

  • Experience will establish the setting to suit your needs.
  • Do not load fuel above any log guard that is fitted, or any secondary air outlets in the back of the firebox.
  • A bright fire indicates the stove is burning well.

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