Available styles and designs of multi-fuel stoves

Multi-fuel Stoves

A multi-fuel stove will create a welcoming ambience and highly efficient heat output for your home that all the family can enjoy.

Our contemporary and modern traditional designs suit a range of home styles from smart town houses to cosy country cottages. Multi-fuel stoves will burn a number of fuels effectively to enable you to heat your home reasonably; some stoves are also approved for burning in Smoke Control Areas. With the addition of technically advanced functions such as Cleanburn and Airwash , our multi-fuel stoves combine powerful performance with enticing views of swirling flames.

Traditional Multi-fuel Stoves

Traditional Multi-fuel stove

For nearly 30 years, Stovax has been manufacturing a range of traditional multi-fuel stoves to suit a variety of homes.

Contemporary Multi-fuel Stoves

Contemporary multi-fuel stove

The contemporary collection of multi-fuel stoves retains all the heating performance of Stovax’s traditional stoves.

High efficiency multi-fuel stoves

Stovax has a wide selection of high efficiency multi-fuel stoves that are stylish, super efficient and will help you reduce your monthly fuel outgoings. Find out more about high efficiency multi-fuel stoves.

Using multi-fuel stoves in Smoke Control Areas

Stovax has a range of multi-fuel stoves that are suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas. Find out more about Smoke Control Areas.

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