Fibreglass Rope Seal - Standard

Fibreglass Standard Rope Seal

Fibreglass Standard Rope Seal Information

46603mm ø x 25mWhite
46935mm ø x 25mWhite
40196mm ø x 25mWhite
49708mm ø x 25mWhite
40209mm ø x 25mWhite
499110mm ø x 25mWhite
402112mm ø x 25mWhite
409425mm ø x 10mWhite
409616mm ø x 20mWhite
49743mm ø x 20mBlack
49776mm ø x 20mBlack
49808mm ø x 25mBlack
499410mm ø x 25mBlack
498312mm ø x 25mBlack
467116mm ø x 20mBlack
469218mm ø x 20mBlack
467225mm ø x 10mBlack

Unless otherwise stated, all accessories and hearth products are covered by a 1 year limited warranty.

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