VFC Inset Gas Fires

VFC Inset Gas Fires

Available in 16” and 22” widths, the VFC inset range are our most versatile gas fires. With a slightly deeper fuel bed and featuring our unique variable flame technology, you can select between Blue (the fuel bed glows brightly with a lower, translucent flame with a hint of blue) or Yellow (flickering, yellow flames) effects with a simple lever control. A Tapered fire produces radiant heat, whilst the more efficient Convector produces radiant and convected heat.

VFC Convectors

Available in 16″ and 22″ widths, the VFC Convector is our most versatile gas fire. It is suitable for brick chimneys only but offers the additional benefits of a slightly deeper fuel bed and unique VFC (variable flame control) system. This allows you to select the exact balance of flame, glow and heat to suit your mood. Reduced draught versions are also available if you do not want a wall or floor vent installed.

VFC Tapered

These inset gas fires are for those who want all the visuals of a Gazco gas fire but do not require the additional heat of a convector or do not wish to refurbish an existing open fireplace. Tapered fires are available in 16″ widths and can generally be fitted into existing openings without further building work.

Key Features

VFC ConvectorVFC Tapered
EfficiencyUp to 50%Up to 25%
Heat output16″: Up to 4.75kW (input 9.5kW)16″: Up to 2.4kW (input 9.5kW)
Manual versions
Side Control
Remote control
Fits into standard 410x560x250mm
(wxhxd) fireplace opening
Optional remote control
Fuel bed optionsCoalCoal
Convected heat
Radiant heat
Wide selection of frames
Natural Gas or LPG
Can be wall mounted
Variable flame colour
Ambient open fire
Glass fronted high efficiency
ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor)
Additional air vent required
Conventional Flue
Balanced Flue

VFC Front Choices

VFC Convector (16″)VFC Convector (22″)VFC Tapered (16″)VFC Tapered (22″)
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VFC Frame Choices

VFC Convector (16″)VFC Convector (22″)VFC Tapered (16″)VFC Tapered (22″)
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VFC Complete Choices

VFC Convector (16″)VFC Convector (22″)VFC Tapered (16″)VFC Tapered (22″)
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