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Stovax Claremont in Natural Limestone with Stovax Fully Polished Adelaide Insert.

Stovax Claremont Stone Mantel with Stovax Stockton 5 wood and multi-fuel stove

Stovax Claremont Stone Mantel in Natural Limestone with Stovax Kensington Insert

Stovax Claremont Stone Mantel

The Claremont stone mantel is available in a choice of Natural Limestone and Antique White Marble.

Limestone and Marble are natural materials, therefore each piece will have tonal differences, natural veining and possible fossil inclusions in the Limestone.

These stone mantels are very heavy and correctly installing them is essential to prevent serious injuries. They must be installed in accordance with our installation instructions and we also recommend that you view the Best Practice Guide for advice on the best practice for the safe installation of stone fireplace surrounds.

Key Facts

Available FinishesNatural Limestone, Antique White Marble

Stone Mantels

A select collection of high-quality limestone and antique white marble stone mantel designs created by Stovax, each piece truly unique by virtue of the naturally occurring veining, subtle tonal differences and, indeed, even small fossils that may be found in the limestone. Beautiful and natural features, all of which will enhance any fireplace in your home.

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Claremont Stone Mantel Information

Overall WidthHeightShelf DepthLeg to Leg (outer)Opening (W x H)Rebate
1,555mm (61 ¼")1,143mm (45")190mm (7 ½")1,331mm (52 ⅜")915 x 915mm (36" x 36")30mm (1 ¼")

Reviews and Customer Showcase
“Fantastic cosy fire without the mess”
“A Dream Come True”
Justin Hooper, Scotland, Utilitarian & Contemporary
Stovax Futura 5 Wood stove – “What a transformation!”
Gazco Logic HE Designio2 – “Can’t believe we did not get a Gazco fire before this”
Gazco Sheraton 5 gas stove – “Friendly and efficient”
Gazco Sheraton 5 Gas Log Burner – “Repaired under warranty”
Gazco Logic HE Gas fire – “Best gas fire I’ve ever had!”
“Long Overdue”
Yeoman CL5 Gas Stove – “Warm and atmospheric”
“Cosy cosy”
Deborah, Stovax Stockton 5, Light and Bright London Home
“The cat loves it!”
“Christmas Eve”
Stovax Sheraton 5 Wide Wood burning stove – “At last”
“So warm and toasty!”
“Warm and homely”
Stovax Riva 50 – “Can’t wait ?❤️?”
Stovax Stockton 8 – “Loving the warm glow. So pleased I opted for a Stovax”. 
“Sitting Room Centre Piece”
Gazco eReflex 55R Electric fire – “Thrilled with new fireplace”
Richard & Paul, Stovax View 5T, Mid-century style
“Really pleased!”
Pfeiffer Design – Stovax Studio 2 Freestanding Stove
Stovax Stockton 5 Wide – “Modern yet in keeping with our house!”
“Warm and cosy”
Sandy, Studio 1, Living room renovation
Gazco Sheraton 5 Gas Stove – “Warm and Cosy”
Sarah, Scandi Monochrome Home, eReflex 135R
Gazco Loft Gas Stove – “Absolutely brilliant stove”

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