Riva2 1050 Features

Riva2 1050 Gas Fires Features

The largest fire in the Riva2 range, the Riva2 1050 is designed to provide maximum visual impact in rooms of larger proportions. This striking landscape fire is available as an ‘Edge ’, or with a Sorrento or new glass Icon XS frame which enhances the stunning widescreen flames even further.

Frame Options

The Riva2 1050 comes with a number of styling and frame options that have all been thoughtfully designed to enhance the impressive dimensions of this landscape fire.

For installations set into the wall, the frameless Riva2 1050 Edge can be selected to create a thoroughly contemporary look with simple clean lines and a cutting edge ‘hole in the wall’ aesthetic. To maximise your gas fire as a centrepiece on the wall, opt for the Icon XS frame with a highly reflective black glass finish that is sure to attract the eye and add a touch of glamour and opulence to your interior décor.

For hearth mounted installations, the graceful proportions of the Sorrento surround enables you to recreate a style reminiscent of a traditional fireplace whilst still maintaining a thoroughly contemporary look for your living space. Available in either polished granite or natural limestone.

Riva2 1050 Edge
Riva2 1050 Edge
Riva2 1050 Icon XS
Riva2 1050 Icon XS – Black Glass
Riva2 1050 Sorrento – Polished Granite
Riva2 1050 Sorrento – Natural Limestone

Lining Options

You can customise your Riva2 1050 gas fire even further by choosing between two distinctive linings each offering a dramatically different aesthetic for your fire. The classic black reeded option works to contrast and highlight the beautiful fames to their full potential, while the vermiculite lining helps to project a lighter and brighter overall feel for your fire.
Black Reeded Lining
Vermiculite Lining

Remote Control


Riva2 1050 fires come complete with a state-of-the-art programmable Programmable Thermostatic remote control as standard. This allows remote operation of everything from ignition to extinguish as well as the benefits of a programmable timer and thermostat.