Tile Surrounds: Calculate the number of tiles you will need

Tile Surrounds: Calculate the number of tiles you will need

To calculate the number of tiles required, first decide which size you would like. Then, simply measure the height of the area to be tiled and multiply by the width. In most cases the shape of the area to be tiled will be a simple square or rectangle so you can simply calculate the area of each tile and divide it into the area to be tiled. This assumes that the area being tiled is square at the edges, if not you will need to allow some extra for part tiles.

Otherwise, the easiest method is to make a scale drawing of the area on a piece of graph paper, draw the outline of each tile (including dados, trims and borders where appropriate) and add them up. We recommend that you allow for part tiles and wastage by adding at least 10 percent to the total. It can be a false economy to only order the exact quantity. You may break some tiles when cutting or you may end up with awkward shapes that take more tiles than anticipated. There is nothing worse than getting near the end of the job only to find that you are short of one or two tiles, especially as colours can vary between different batches.

If you have any problems calculating the number of tiles required, or would like some advise please contact your local Stovax retailer who will be more than happy to help.

Size guides* (All sizes in cm)

Tile Surrounds Size Guide

* These diagrams have been provided for a general size comparison only. For specific dimensions please refer to the How to order your Fireplace Tile Surround Package page.