Gas and Electric Fire Options

Gas & Electric Fireplace Options

Most Stovax Classic fireplaces are available with the convenience of a gas fire, whilst our classically styled fire baskets can offer you an additional electric option. Your options will vary according to the type of fireplace you are considering.

Find out more about our Stovax Classic fireplace range.

Insert Fireplaces


Insert gas fireplaces incorporate highly realistic fire effects and provide a superb combination of flames and glow. They also come with the option of a Command remote control which adjusts the flame height and heat output.

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Convector Fireplaces

Art Nouveau Tiled Convector-lb

Convector fireplaces incorporate coal-effect and suit most types of chimney or no chimney at all. All versions offer exceptional realism and efficient heating as well as the option of a Command remote control.

Find out more about the types of chimney and flue systems available for gas fireplaces.

View our full range of Convector Fireplaces.

Fireplace Fronts

Victorian Tiled Front

Fireplace fronts incorporate a fire basket, which is usually placed behind the front. There are a wide selection of fire baskets available from Gazco. Most gas fireplace fronts also have the option of Command remote control. Some models can also be combined with the Gazco Logic2 Electric fire.

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Fire Baskets

Amhurst Firebasket

In addition to wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric fireplaces, most fire baskets are also offered with electric fireplaces. Featuring a warming glow, electric fireplaces also benefits of a powerful fan heater with 1kW and 2kW settings.

Further information on gas and electric fires is available from your retailer. You can view the complete range here.

View our full range of Fire Baskets.

Our range of Gas and Electric Fire Options

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