Commissioning your appliance

Commissioning your appliance

Commissioning a solid fuel or gas stove, fire or fireplace must be done following installation of the appliance. This is a compulsory procedure to ensure that the flue/appliance/room ventilation are all in accordance with building regulations, safety requirements and the manufacturer's installation/operation instructions.

The installer who fits your heating appliance is obligated to leave their details, along with those of the Commissioning procedure on the premises with the end user. It is the owner’s responsibility to be able to produce this information if legally required. Failure to provide these details could result in a fine of up to £5000.

Stovax and Gazco provide a handy Commissioning Checklist in the appliance Instruction Manuals to help complete this process. The installer is not obligated by law to use this form as there are other methods available for informing the local authority, however it is a condition of the Extended Warranty available on the product that the form be completed.

All installations should be carried out by a qualified individual (GasSafe/HETAS in the UK or equivalent in other countries) and the completed checklist retained by the end user.

For more information on Commissioning, please view the instructions provided with your appliance. If you do not have your instruction manual you can download it by visiting the Technical section of our website.

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