Caring for and maintaining your electric heating appliance

Caring for and maintaining your electric heating appliance

To ensure safe and efficient operation of your electric heating appliance, regular preventative maintenance is essential. This is also a requirement of the Gazco Extended Warranty. For further advice and recommendations, please speak to your Gazco retailer.

As with any electrical appliance, please remember to unplug from mains supply before cleaning or undertaking any maintenance. It is also important to refer to the instruction manuals supplied with your appliance as there may be specific instructions for your model. If you do not have your instruction manuals available, you can download them from our technical section.

Top tips to consider on caring and maintaining your electric heating appliance.

1.) Clean the outer casing

Do not use abrasive cleaners when cleaning the outer casing of your electric appliance. electriccutout-ti For painted castings, frames and frets, wipe your appliance with a damp cloth and buff with a lint free duster.

2.) Clean the air inlets

Using a soft cloth or the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner, clean the air inlets and outlet grilles regularly. It is essential to regularly clean the air inlets to aid the performance of the appliance. Please note that dust build-up can inhibit efficient performance of the fan and can lead to the safety cut-out being activated. You must also keep the area around the appliance clean and free of fluff, dust or pet hair. In particular, pay close attention to the heater area under the appliance as there may be a build up of dust. You must ensure that this area is free from such debris on a regular basis to prevent build-up.

3.) Clean the log mouldings (where applicable)

It is important that you refer to the specific instruction manuals of your heating appliance as each model may have different instructions on how to clean their log mouldings.

4.) Clean the window glass

For appliances with printed glass, it is best to use Stovax Glass Cleaner (Stovax No. 4103) which has been formulated specifically for cleaning this type of stove glass. This cleaner does not contain a high alkaline or acidic content which could damage the printed glass surface. For appliances with clear glass, we recommend to use the Stove Glass Cleaner (No. 4111).

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