Your Fireplace Choices Explained

Your Fireplace Choices Explained

Whether you are restoring a period house to its former glory, or adding a touch of heritage to a modern home, Stovax’s Classic Fireplaces will inspire you. From the gracefulness of the early 1800s to the exuberance of Art Nouveau, our cast iron fireplaces add warmth and elegance to any room or living space. Traditional designs can be combined with the modern technology of our Convector fireplaces, for heating twice as efficient as an open fire. And for ultimate convenience, you can even opt for a realistic Gazco gas fire with remote control.

Choosing your fuel type

flamesTraditional Solid Fuel
For unmatched authenticity, coals or logs offer the beautiful natural flames our ancestors enjoyed. Each of our faithful fire and fire basket reproductions can be selected to burn solid fuel, and with logs from sustainable plantations, your classic fireplace becomes a carbon neutral energy source.

The convenience of gas
To enjoy the added efficiency and economy of convected heat, there are several models in the Classic Fireplaces range that can be fitted with Gazco’s Logic Convector gas fires.

Cast Iron Craftsmanship

Cast Iron
Every Stovax classic fireplace is available in the traditional imposing matt black of the original design. In addition, many reproductions are offered with the option of polishing, a skilled and authentic period technique which shows off the intricate decorative detailing of the ironwork to stunning effect. According to the design the finish may be either highlight polished for a striking contrast, emphasising the design’s decorative details, or fully polished for a resplendent focal point.

Insert Fireplaces

Insert fireplaces are so called because they have built-in firebacks and are designed to be inserted into chimney openings measuring approximately 36” x 36” (915 x 915mm) or larger. In appearance, these can be either completely cast or cast with slots for decorative tiles. The former are generally earlier designs whilst cast iron fireplaces incorporating two vertical ceramic panels became particularly fashionable from the mid-1880s onwards.

Tiled Convector Fireplaces

Convector Fireplaces
Taking our Victorian and Art Nouveau Inserts and making a series of discreet modifications, we have designed convector fireplaces to provide dramatically increased heating efficiency whilst preserving traditional looks.

Convector fireplaces draw cool air in through the fire’s grate which is then heated in a specially designed convection chamber. Heated air is diffused into the room via a barely noticeable outlet above the hood, making it twice as effective as a conventional open fire. The result is a rare blend of period elegance and modern capability, and not surprisingly some of the most popular models in the Classic Fireplaces range.

Tiled Fireplaces

Working from original designs, we have developed this versatile range of Victorian and Art Nouveau reproductions to provide either a front or a complete solid fuel or gas insert fireplace as desired.

Tiled and cast fronts became fashionable during the Hanoverian era and were made to either obscure or embellish a larger chimney opening. Our specially designed fronts can be easily installed against a 22” high by 16” wide chimney opening with the existing Milner tapered firebrick found in many homes constructed between the 1920s and 1980s.

Alternatively, each Victorian and Art Nouveau design is available with an optional cast back with grate, for a complete solid fuel fireplace, which can be inserted into the chimney opening. Both fireplaces can also be combine with Gazco’s Logic Convector fires with remote control.


SurroundsOur range of London cast fronts surround the fire for a uniform, finished look, which complements both our wood and stone mantels. Made with the utmost care to ensure they precisely match the cast iron Georgian originals they recreate, these beautiful surround options are offered in matt black or polished finishes and can be used to create either a traditionally styled or contemporary fireplace.

Tile Options

Stovax Tilesoffer a wide selection of fireplace tiles to choose from for use with its range of tiled fireplaces. These are illustrated Classic Fireplace Tiles page. If desired, there is the impressive, hand decorated tube-lined tiles shown on tube-lined tiles for a period fireplace that seamlessly recreates the charming styles of the 19th century Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau movements.

View our full range of Classic Fireplace Tiles.

Stone, Wood & Cast Iron Mantel Options

Offering the subtle beauty and presence of historical designs, our huge range of stone, wood and cast iron mantels, will add both poise and style in equal measure to your fireplace. Whether you are looking for the timeless grandeur of marble or limestone, the natural beauty of wood or the fine detailing of cast iron, our excellent selection can be paired with our classic fireplaces to realise your dream fireplace.

Our range of Fireplace Choices

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