Top Tips on caring and maintaining your solid fuel appliance

Top Tips on caring and maintaining your solid fuel appliance

Regular preventive maintaince is essential to ensure safe and efficient operation of your appliance. It is also a requirement of the Stovax Extended Warranty.

Before the start of the heating season strip, inspect and clean the appliance. This is also important especially in periods of heavy use such as the winter heating season. Please ensure that you allow your appliance to cool thoroughly before undertaking any maintenance to avoid risk of burns.

Below are top tips to consider on caring and maintaining your solid fuel appliance:

1. Ash and Soot removal

Before you begin using your heating appliance more regularly, ensure that you clean any remaining ash, soot, and debris from the inside of your heating appliance.

Check your appliance regularly

Check your appliance regularly

Check the internal parts of your stove for damage and obvious build-up of ash or debris, paying particular attention to the firebricks, glass and rope seals. Replace any damaged components using genuine Stovax replacement parts before re-using the appliance. You can visit your local retailer to seek advice on the appropriate parts for your appliance. Alternatively, you can visit our dedicated Spare Parts website to purchase any relevant replacements. Before purchasing on-line or speaking to your retailer, it is important that you have your appliance’s serial number available which will allow you to identify the specific model and which suitable parts you may require. You can visit our help guide on how to locate your appliance’s serial number.

3. Check debris above the flue baffle(s)

If there are any signs of a build up of debris above the flue baffle (s) (these can be found in the upper part of the firebox and use a torch if necessary – you can find details of how to remove and inspect the baffle system in your product instructions), follow the recommendations below:

a. Arrange for the chimney to be swept. Below are the top tips for chimney sweeping:

The best time to have your chimney swept is before you start using your heating appliance more regularly (often before the start of the autumn/winter period.).

To maintain safe and efficient use of the appliance, the chimney/flue must be inspected and swept at least once a year by a qualified chimney sweep. If the appliance is used continuously through the year, or it is used solely to burn wood, more frequent sweeping is recommended.

Please take note to regularly clean your chimney, any connecting flue pipe and the appliance flue ways. Ensure adequate access for cleaning is available where it is not possible to sweep through the chimney. If the chimney is believed to have previously served an open fire, it must be swept a second time within a month of regular use after installation.

We recommend that you use approved chimney sweepers which can be found by visiting the following websites: NACS (The National Association of Chimney Sweeps), APICS (The Association of Master Chimney Sweeps Ltd) and The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps.

Always use approved installers

Always use approved installers

b. Remove the baffles and clear the debris.

Do not use your stove with damaged baffles or without the baffles being fitted. Please check our how to remove baffle video on This video will provide you with the most efficient method to remove your appliance’s baffle in order to allow you access to the inside of your stove for cleaning and maintaince jobs. Alternatively, you can speak to local retailer for further advice and recommendations.

4. Refresh your appliance’s paint finish

To touch up your stove finish from minor scratches and blemishes, you can purchase our Stovax touch up spray paint, which is available to buy from your local retailer. Before you proceed with this, it is important to speak to your retailer for further advice and information and you should quote the serial number found on the appliance’s data badge. Find out more about locating your appliance’s data badge. It is also important to note that we do not recommend that you use a touch spray paint for enamel appliances.

5. Clean window glass

Before you proceed to clean your window glass, it is important that you do not clean it whilst it’s hot. Ensure that you allow your appliance to cool down completely before undertaking additional cleaning. Before applying a cleaning agent, remove any dust and loose soot with a damp cloth.

For appliances with printed glass, it is best to use Stovax Glass Cleaner (Stovax No. 4103) which has been formulated specifically for cleaning this type of stove glass. This cleaner does not contain a high alkaline or acidic content which could damage the printed glass surface. For appliances with clear glass we recommend to use the Stove Glass Cleaner (No. 4111).

If you would like further information, please visit our how to clean your glass window page. Alternatively, you can also visit our How to Clean Your Glass Window Video by visiting our website.

6. Stove Care

Stovax has a wide range of cleaning & maintenance products and accessories to keep your appliance in good working order. By visiting our accessories section on the website, you can view our extensive selection of these products by visiting the accessories section on the website.

Your Stovax retailer can also advise you on suitable items for your stove and provide genuine spare parts such as door sealing rope, firebricks, cleaners and sealants. Alternatively, you can use our Stovax Spares website to purchase spare parts for your heating appliance. In addition, an annual service by a competent engineer is recommended to keep your stove in the best possible condition as this is a requirement for the Stovax 5 year warranty.

Please be aware that there are some websites selling non-Stovax spares parts such as replacement glass, firebricks, door sealing rope and baffle components. Using non-Stovax parts will invalidate your Stovax 5 year warranty.

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