Our path to Sustainability

Our path to Sustainability


Reduce Energy Use
Whether it’s to keep the machines running or to keep our staff warm, we are committed to minimising our operational energy consumption.

Reduce waste levels and increase proportion of waste recycled
We’re committed to reducing waste, ensuring we reduce, reuse, and recycle materials wherever we can across all our operations.

Prevent major environmental incidents occurring due to company activities
By providing equipment, training, and spill kits, we’re doing our part to prevent a major environmental incident.

Reduce Carbon Footprint
Through energy saving measures, minimising travel, and monitoring our fuel usage, we are doing all we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

View our Environmental Policy


Improve product performance and service delivery to reduce warranty costs
By building strong connections both internally and externally, we’re able to continue to make ever-improving advancements with our products and services.

Reduce supplier rejections
By collaborating with our suppliers, we minimise the risk of receiving goods that are not to our required quality standards.

Improve supplier delivery performance
Creating excellent relationships with our suppliers, we strive to ensure all items arrive in full, and on time.

Reduce Quality costs due to errors in Production
From measuring and monitoring, to working closely with Production Engineering, Design and Quality, our ongoing goal is to mitigate the number of errors made during manufacturing.

View our Quality Policy

Health and Safety

Maintain safe and healthy working conditions
We keep our workplace safe by listening to our people, assessing risks, and acting on valuable feedback.

Report and action all incidents and reduce Lost Time Incidents
No matter how small, we actively encourage anyone involved in an incident to let us know so we can make timely actions and precautions to make our workplace as safe as it can be.

Health and safety focused inductions for all new staff
We ensure our new employees are equipped with the health and safety knowledge they need, with two-stage training and introduction to our company activities.

Ensure compliance to relevant legislation
We stay up-to-date with legislations to ensure we comply with our legal and ethical obligations concerning the Environment and Health and Safety.

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