Conjuring dramatic flame effects, sparkling embers and a glowing hearthside ambience, the Skope is one of the most captivating electric fires ever created.

Dynamic Flame effects

Skope fires use Gazco’s Chromalight Immersive LED system to create stunning visuals. Flame effects can be set to natural amber, contemporary blue or even a combination of the two. Each flame colour is enhanced with matching down-lighting, which bathes the fuel bed in either amber or cool white for a truly immersive display.

The Skope’s natural flame variation creates an almost random, living flame visual. A deep, three-dimensional display is achieved thanks to the fire’s innovative design, which projects the flame effects to appear amongst the fuel effects for striking realism.

Skope flame effect

Mood-enhancing Fuel bed lighting

Offering almost endless possibilities, the fire’s powerful Chromalight ember bed dynamically lights the fuel effects from below for a sparkling ever changing display. Providing a relaxing, mood-enhancing illumination whether set to natural amber or one the 13 other atmospheric colour choices. For a gradually changing spectrum, the Skope’s fuel bed lighting can also transition through each colour.

Skope fuel effect

Focal-point Fuel effects

Each Skope fire has a varied selection of fuel effects that transform the fire’s look and feel. The highly realistic log selection easily creates a traditional wood fire aesthetic, and when positioned on the bed of clear and grey pebbles looks just like a real fire. Alternatively, the Crystal Ice-effect fuel bed offers an ultra-contemporary vibe, particularly when paired with the blue flame setting and vibrant Chromalight up-lighting. Whichever fuel bed you choose, the fire’s easily removable glass front allows you to quickly mix and match the assortment of effects to create your own bespoke display.

Inset and multi-sided Outset fires

Skope fires can be selected as either Inset or Outset models, depending on your preference. Skope Inset fires are available in four sizes to suit a range of interiors and offer a minimalist, hole-in-the-wall look. Skope Outset models are three-sided for a super view of the mesmerising visuals. Offered in two sizes, Outset models can be installed as either two or three-sided fires for a bespoke installation.

Trento Suite for Skope 70W and 110W Outset fires

Creating a designer Skope installation can be as easy as simply hanging your fire on the wall with the Trento Suite range. Completely housing the fire, each Trento suite features clean and contemporary floating shelves for a statement finish for your fire. Trento Suites are available in various configurations to suit your interior.

Trento Surround

Creative Control

The Skope’s advanced thermostatic handset gives you full control over the fire’s host of features. Flames, fuel bed lighting and the fire’s ambient heating can all be operated independently to create the desired atmosphere, with or without heat.

Letting you completely immerse yourself in Skope’s effects, the handset has a number innovative energy saving features that allow you to ‘set and forget’ the fire to turn heating on and off automatically as well as manage the heat output, minimising energy use.

Key Details

  • Chromalight Immersive LED system
  • 3 different flame options: Amber, Blue, Amber with Blue Accent
  • Dynamic, sparkling fuel bed lighting can be set to 13 vibrant colours
  • Flames and fuel effect lighting can be enjoyed without the heat
  • Choice of fuel effects that can be mixed and matched including Logs, Grey & Clear Pebbles and Crystal Ice-effect
  • Four Inset models
  • Two Outset three-sided models
  • Outset versions can be installed as a two sided or three sided fire
  • Trento Suite for easy installation of Outset models
  • Thermostatic remote control for ambient heating
  • Ecodesign Compliant

An Eco-friendly Electric fire range

The Skope’s energy saving features manage heating power to meet the temperature you desire, and will also switch off the fire’s heat in the event a window is opened. These innovative features make the Skope an eco-friendly electric fire choice that meets and exceeds stringent 2018 Ecodesign energy product standards.