High Efficiency Electric Stoves & Fires

Electric fires and stoves have certainly come a long way in terms of design, functionality and efficiency. Gazco has a wide collection of these highly efficient electric fires and stoves offering instant heat and flame visuals which can be incorporated virtually anywhere into many styles of homes.

Today, electric fires and stoves can be up to 99% efficient and produce eye-catching, realistic flames. With exceptional heat output, Gazco’s selection of high efficiency electric fires will provide immediate heat at a flick of a switch.

Some highly efficient electric fires and stoves even offer a uniquely quiet fan operating system that only uses a row of fans to create heat and flame effect simultaneously, making these fires some of the quietest in the market.

Depending on the atmosphere you wish to create in your new living space, you can adjust the brightness and heat of your highly efficient electric fire or stove using a remote control and you don’t even need to leave your armchair! For those wanting to create a warm atmosphere during the summer months, your electric fire or stove can be operated and enjoyed without any heat output at all, so you can relax with the flame visuals on their own.