About Studio Wood Burning Fires

Studio Wood Burning Fires

Our Studio Inset wood burning fires have been designed to create a striking feature in your living space with their enticing widescreen flame visuals complemented by an extensive array of frames and styling options. Available in four sizes, these wood burning fires feature the latest Cleanburn and Airwash systems, allowing them to burn with outstanding efficiency.

Some of the Studio Inset wood burning fires are suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, when fitted with the appropriate kit.

High Efficiency Inset & Freestanding Fires


Stovax’s dedication to the development of premium quality stoves, fires and fireplaces over the past 30 years has helped to make it one of Europe’s leading specialist manufacturers. Now the company’s expertise has brought wood burning technology to the very pinnacle of performance and design with the Studio range.

Expertly designed, the Studio’s clean, contemporary lines complement modern interiors and incorporate Stovax’s technically advanced Cleanburn combustion systems, which provide outstanding flame pictures and superior heating efficiencies, powerful Airwash systems to help keep the window clean and the facility for practical options such as fan-assisted convection and multi-space heating.

To own a Studio is to make a design statement that will become a heartwarming focal point to your home. There are several different styling options from the simple Edge or Cool Wall kits to the larger format Edge, Glass or Ceramic frames, there are even several Freestanding, Bench mounted & Hearth mounted models to ensure that there will be a Studio just right for you. Just as importantly, by burning logs, the Studio fires use an energy source that is carbon neutral, renewable and infinitely better for our environment.

Find out more about the environmental benefits of wood burning and high efficiency fires.

Key Design Features

Stovax’s Studio Inset fires feature the very latest Cleanburn combustion systems, allowing them to burn logs with outstanding efficiency, resulting in more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney. This technological advancement is achieved by introducing preheated, secondary air into the firebox to burn the excess hydrocarbons in the smoke. Airwash systems air flow also helps keep the window clean, allowing you to enjoy the flames to the full. The Studio offers you full control of flame aesthetics. From a lazy roll to a lively roar, you can adjust your fire to suit your mood. The doors on the Studio 500, 1 and 2 are hinged to the left whilst the larger Studio 3 doors open downwards, minimising the risk of ash falling beyond the hearth and into the room.

Studio Design Features

Studio Design Features

  1. TCL (Technical Combustion Lining) High density thermal liner system
  2. Heated air jets from cleanburn ports burn hydrocarbons in smoke
  3. Airwash air flow
  4. Primary control
  5. Removable handle (Studio 500, 1, 2 & 3) and door opening catch (Studio 500, 1 & 2)
  6. Convected and radiant heat
  7. Convected heat ducting system outlet
  8. Easy fit flue connection
  9. Removable baffles
  10. External air facility
  11. Optional fan kit (Studio 2 & 3 inset only)
  12. Optional 10˚ flue outlet (insets only – not illustrated)
  13. Optional Smoke Control Kit (Studio 500†, 1 & 2 only – not illustrated)

* Illustration shows inset fire with frame.

† The Studio 500 inset & Freestanding’s suitability for use in Smoke Control Areas is subject to official listing

Studio Heat Shields

Heat Shields

Stovax has introduced a range of highly effective Heat Shields for the Studio Freestanding range. Available for all sizes of Freestanding models:

Studio 500, 1, 2 and 3, and only when fitted to a Bench, these fantastic additions allow a reduction of up to 85% in the distance to combustible materials at the rear of the appliance – reducing this to just 75mm.

The Studio Heat Shields not only maximise the available space within the room, but they also enable you to accommodate a wider range of materials in your interior design.

Warm Air Ducting kit

The kit, for the insets only, which includes two 3 metre lengths of flexible ducting, allows you to heat up to two other living spaces. The Studio 3 has four ports so you can even add two kits if required, providing heat for up to four additional rooms.

Edge/Edge + Kit (Inset Fires Only)

This kit is screw-mounted to the front flange of the outer firebox. The L-shaped attachments provide a 34/44.5mm† return against which high temperature plasterboard/screed can be butted up for the ‘clean edge’ look. The Edge Kit is made in aluminised steel which can then be painted to match the decor of your room. The Edge + has a decorative slim frame that fits over the finished installation opening.

†34mm Studio 500, 1 & 2 / 44.5mm Studio 3.

Installation Method

Cool Wall Kit (Inset Fires Only)

Again, screw-mounted to the front flange of the outer firebox, the U-shaped attachments of the Cool Wall kit are designed primarily for studwork or false chimney breasts. The additional depth allows some of the heat to be vented up into the void above the firebox and then re-enter the room at a higher level. The effect is to produce a cooler wall immediately above the appliance than would otherwise be the case. The Cool Wall Kit is made in aluminised steel which can then be painted to match the decor of your room.

Installation Method

10˚ Angled Flue Outlet

This optional flue outlet for the Studio Insets offers greater installation flexibility and ease, especially in larger openings with deeper lintels.

Our range of Studio Wood Burning Fires

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