Available styles and designs of multi-fuel fires

Multi-fuel Fires

Our multi-fuel fires come in a range of styles and sizes and include hearth mounted fires, built-in fires, and freestanding fires.

A multi-fuel fire will burn either wood or smokeless mineral fuels with outstanding efficiency, giving you the flexibility to choose the most readily available and reasonably priced fuel. Find out more about using multi-fuel fires in Smoke Control Areas.

Hearth Mounted Multi-fuel Fires

Hearth Mounted Multi-Fuel Fires

Stova’s extensive range of beautiful hearth-mounted multi-fuel fires can be installed at floor level and set either within a stone or wood mantel or flush into a tiled, stone or brick chimney breast.

Freestanding Multi-fuel Fires

Freestanding Multi-fuel Fires

Suitable for a wide range of interior styles, Stovax’s collection of freestanding multi-fuel and wood burning fires come in various sizes and heat outputs.

Built-in Multi-fuel Fires

Built-in Multi-fuel Fires

Stovax has a wide range of portrait and landscape formatted fires suitable for built-in to the wall installations.

How to select the perfect hearth-mounted fire

Find out more about the types of hearth mounted installations and your nearest retailer. Choose a hearth mounted fire.

Environmental benefits of wood burning

The popularity of burning wood has risen due to its carbon neutral benefits. Environmental benefits of burning wood.

Find a Stovax fire retailer near you

Stovax has a network of expert retailers across the country, they will help you find the perfect wood burning fire for your home. Find a Retailer.

Help finding the right wood burning fire

Our Product Finder tool will help you find the best product for your home with a few simple questions about your home. Find a product.

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