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Stovax Regency Hob Grate insert fireplace with Chatsworth rich oak mantel, Highlight Polished

Stovax Regency Hob Grate Insert fireplace, Matt Black

Stovax Regency Hob Grate Insert fireplace, Highlight Polished

A close up of the Stovax Regency Hob Grate Insert fireplace in Highlight Polished

Regency Hob Grate Insert Fireplaces

The Regency Hob Grate Insert design in the Stovax Classic Fireplaces range was originally produced circa 1827, during the reign of George IV (formerly the Prince Regent). The ‘hobs’ either side of the grate were used for small saucepans and kettles, making this fireplace particularly appropriate for dining rooms as well as living rooms.

The Regency Hob Insert fireplace is available in traditional matt black or highlight polished with the options of an ashpan cover and gas fire.

Visit our Classic Fireplaces page for more information.

Key Facts

Burns wood and multi-fuels
Gas version
Ashpan cover
Cast Iron Construction
FinishesMatt Black, Highlight Polished

Insert Fireplaces

Homes with a chimney opening measuring approximately 36" w x 36"h (915 x 915mm) or larger will be able to slot in a Stovax insert fireplace. These traditional fireplaces have built-in firebacks and an option to completely cast (with or without hobs) or cast with slots for decorative tiles.

For further styling, select from Stovax's range of wood and stone mantels.

Visit our Classic Fireplaces page for more information.

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Regency Hob Grate Inserts Information

Overall WidthHeightOverall Depth

Regency Hob Grate Inserts Dimensions
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