The all-new Stovax Riva2 range of Ecodesign wood burning and multi-fuel fires delivers sophisticated design and performance in equal measure.

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Designed and engineered in Britain

The result of over four decades of British stove engineering, this range of flagship Ecodesign inset fires represents the very latest in heating technology. With a high-quality steel exterior, cast iron grate and log guard, and geometric handle design, the Riva2 brings both designer flair and high performance heat in four different sizes, to suit a range of installations.

Incredible flame visuals

These stunning wood burning and multi-fuel inset fires combine the latest cutting-edge Ecodesign combustion systems with an expansive viewing window to create a truly mesmerising centrepiece. For an unobstructed view of the spectacular flames within, an advanced DualFlow Airwash that is unique to the Riva2 inset fire range provides convergent airflow to keep the glass clean, for superb and unbeatable crystal clear visuals.

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Convenient control

Riva2 fires have been designed for ease of use, with a smooth sliding control making for easy operation of the primary air, whether you want a lazy flame, or a vivid roar. These mesmerising fires also feature an innovative ‘Ri-Ignite’ boost mode, making it effortless to ignite logs even from a small ember.

Designed for our environment

Designed with the environment in mind, all Riva2 wood burning and multi-fuel fires not only meet but exceed Ecodesign efficiency standards, which aim to improve air quality by minimising the level of permitted emissions from wood burning products. For those in smoke control areas, all models are DEFRA exempt as standard for burning wood in urban areas without the need for an additional kit.

External Integrated Air Connection

Riva2 fires come ready to be installed with an external air supply without needing an additional bespoke external air kit. Thanks to their built-in external air connection from the rear or base, all that is needed for these fires to take combustion air from the outside of the property is to be connected to an external air tube.

Wood burning and multi-fuel fires

Riva2 wood burning and multi-fuel fires all feature a removable ashpan for quick and easy disposal of ash. When burning smokeless mineral fuels on the Riva2 40 multi-fuel model, the external riddling control also serves as the primary air control.

Stylish Frame Designs

Riva2 Ecodesign wood burning and multi-fuel fires are available in four sizes to suit various installation requirements, each available with a choice of two stylish frame designs: the sleek Profil or Profil XS. Both frames come as three-sided or four-sided versions, allowing you to hearth mount your inset fire, or install further up the wall for a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ aesthetic.

  • Nominal Heat Output: Up to 8.1kW
  • Maximum Efficiency: Up to 80.5%
  • Wood burning and multi-fuel
  • Ecodesign Approved
  • DEFRA Smoke Control Zone exempt as standard
  • Profil & Profil XS, 3-sided & 4-sided frames
  • External Integrated Air Connection
  • Warm Air Ducting System Outlets
  • Easy-install flue connection
  • Advanced DualFlow Airwash for ultra-clean glass

Further Information: Stovax Riva2 – an Ecodesign range of high efficiency wood burning and multi-fuel inset fires.

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