Yeoman Stoves and Fires

Yeoman Stoves and Fires

Yeoman Stoves is a Stovax Heating Group brand. You’ll find Yeoman’s range of traditional and contemporary stoves and fires such as the Dartmoor Gas and Dartmoor Electric stoves as well as the CL Gas and CL Electric stoves here on the Stovax & Gazco website and in the Gazco Gas and Electric Stoves brochure.

Product Registration and Warranty

Your Yeoman appliance will be covered under the Stovax warranty for solid fuel products, and the Gazco warranty for gas and electric products. Registration for the 5 year extended warranty for solid fuel and gas products, and 2 year warranty for electric products can be done from our product registration pages. If you have already registered your product – relax!

Everything you need for your Yeoman stove or fire

We can support you with everything you need for your Yeoman stove or fire, including technical support, technical documents and spare parts.

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