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Stovax Riva Open 16 Contemporary fire with square frame and log tray with 3 bar retainer.

Stovax Riva Open 22 Contemporary fire with rectangular frame and log tray with 3 bar retainer.

Stovax Riva Open 22 Contemporary fire with square frame and log tray with 3 bar log retainer.

Riva Contemporary Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Open Convector Fires

Create a larger and distinctly modern look for your living space with the wood burning and multi-fuel Riva™ Contemporary Open Convector fire. Choose from the Riva™ 16 with a rectangular frame or, alternatively, opt for the wider Riva™ 22 Open Convector fires which come with square and rectangular frame styles.

All sizes can be specified for use with smokeless fuels or for the burning of seasoned logs and have a choice of two different log retainers to suit your styling preferences. Plus there’s an optional clip-in sparkguard for peace of mind when the fire is left unattended.

The Riva™ Contemporary Open Convector fire is finished in Matt Black.

Key Facts

Fires Sizes16" & 22"
Maximum Log LengthsUp to 570mm (22 1/2")
Colour finishMatt Black
Frame optionsSteel - rectangular or square
Low Lintel options

Riva Open Convector Fires

Everyone loves the warmth and atmosphere of an open fire with dancing flames, crackling logs or glowing coals. Unfortunately, open fires are not always very efficient at heating your room. An exception to this, the latest Riva™ Open Convectors from Stovax provide you with the best of both worlds – a real open fire yet with a heating efficiency double that of a normal grate or hearth mounted appliance. This is because the Riva™ Open fires have been designed to produce warm convected air as well as radiant heat.

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Riva Contemporary Open Convector Fires Information

Fire Sizes16"22"
Nominal Heat
Output & Range
Max. log lengths320mm (12 5/8")470mm (18 1/2")
Opening Sizes (W x H)474 x 592mm624 x 652mm

Reviews and Customer Showcase
“Even the duck loves the stove”
“Way to go Yeoman!”
“Stovax still looks good in the summer”
Lynda, Riva2 530, Coastal bungalow
Charlotte, Nordpeis S-31A, Harbour Lights
“Our Warm & Cosy Fireplace”
“Beautiful, warm and stylish”
Bethany, Studio 1 wood burning stove, Sea view renovation
Recent installation of an @StovaxGazco Elise 540 cassette stove with slate slips & original marble fireplace
“A Living Log Fire without chopping logs”
Hayley, Radiance 105R electric fire, Stark & Neutral interiors
“The Power of Flames”
“Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it!”
“Stylish and fuss-free!”
Thanks to our customers for sharing their new #Yeomanstove
“Amazing, beats all our expectations”
Emma & Matt, Riva Vision Midi, 1930 Semi-Detached House
Richard & Paul, Stovax View 5T, Mid-century style
“Adds character and charm”
“Great Fire”
“Even the Dog is Fooled!”
The Artist Residence’s Renovation, Cornwall
Stovax Vogue woodburning stove completed going to be a great stove this season @StovaxGazco
Natasha, Skope electric fire, Sports bar renovation
“Wonderful feature for any home”
Huntingdon 35 fitted yesterday into very old property 👌
“Stylish, clean and efficient”
Ben Barratt, Riva 50, Double Your House For Half the Money
“Our cat loves our stove as much as we do!”