Combination Tiled Inserts

Based on an original design dating from 1895, this popular fireplace combines both insert and mantel in a single unit. It is, therefore, very easy to install and saves the additional expense of a separate mantel, whilst compact dimensions make it particularly suitable for smaller chimney breasts.

The Combination tiled insert is available in traditional matt black.

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Matt Black (4359)

Key Facts

Burns wood and multi fuel

Combination Fireplaces

Based on a historic design from as early as 1895, our Combination range features a cast iron fire insert with integrated mantel. Offering the same convenient size and easy installation of the original combination designs, these complete fireplaces are presented as historically accurate inserts or discreetly enhanced convector versions for increased heating capability, both of which are suitable for solid fuel or gas fires.

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Combination Tiled Inserts Information


Combination Tiled Inserts Dimensions
Reviews and Customer Showcase
Stovax Riva2 50 Woodburning fire – “Exceeded our Expectations”
Stovax Stockton 8 – “Loving the warm glow. So pleased I opted for a Stovax”. 
Gazco eReflex 105R Electric fire – “Our cat loves it as much as we do!”
Gazco Riva2 600 Gas Fire – “Timeless Elegance”
Dad felt left out after hearing about the competition so here is his #festivefireside with his Huntingdon 40 gas stove 🔥
Gazco Logic HE Vogue – “Amazing, realistic & great heat”
“Central focus in our home”
“Love our fireplace, winter and summer”
Gazco Logic HE Gas fire – “Stylish, warm and brilliant room feature”
David Knight, Huntingdon 30 electric, Modern and relaxed
Preparations #17mai #nasjonaldagen #nationalday #homeatfunksjonelt
Gazco Vogue Midi T Midline electric stove – “Clean and beautiful electric stove”
Gazco Riva2 600 Gas Fire – “A long awaited refurbishment”
Gazco Riva2 500 Edge Gas fire – “Cosy fire”
“Come on guys this fire is great!”
“Creature comforts”
“Beautiful fire!”
“So good, wish we’d installed it years ago!”
Gazco Chesterfield 5 Gas Stove – “A great addition to the family home”
Deborah, Stovax Stockton 5, Light and Bright London Home
“Cosy and gorgeous”
Victoria Blackmore, Chesterfield 5 ‘Win the cost of your product back’ winner
Gazco Sheraton 5 gas stove – “Friendly and efficient”
The Artist Residence’s Renovation, Cornwall
eReflex Inset 135R, Stunning fire at a great price
“What A Difference a Day Makes”
Cute little wood burner installed today in the orangery 🔥#woodburner #stovax #oakorangery #primeoak #renovation #restoration
“Should have done sooner!”
Stovax Huntington 25 and Huntington 30 wood stove – “Game Changer”

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