Tulips Fireplace Tiles

Tube-lined & Raised Line Tiles

To complement Stovax's range of tiled cast iron fireplaces there is also a choice of authentically-crafted tube-lined tiles with highly translucent glazes that faithfully reflect the charm and style of the Victorian fireplace.

Full range of Tube-lined & Raised Line Tiles...

Reviews and Customer Showcase
“Warm,Cosy and Lovely Effect”
“We have always had a desire for owning a period property with the key feature for us being a wood burning stove”
“Stunning home improvement”
Nicky, Gazco Huntingdon 30, Kitchen Renovation
“Modern with a Warming Glow”
“Our cat loves our stove as much as we do!”
“Beautiful and elegant log burner”
“The stove immediately added a special touch to the space”
“Winter Warmer”
“Our Home is Cosy Again”
How’s this for festive? Our Christmas tree & our @StovaxGazco Huntingdon 40 #STXMAS15
“Stovax still looks good in the summer”
@StovaxGazco Just lit the Stockton 7.
“Beautiful and warm fire”
“Looks great”
“Gas, glorious gas!”
“So homely and easy”
“Warm Christmas”
“Christmas Cheer”
“Heat and looks combined.”
“Great stove easy to use and very warm”
“Lovely little stove”
“Stylish, clean and efficient”
My current view. Its got so cold today but the sun is shining. Love days like this on Skye. We have no plans today which is the best. Love Sundays. Hope you have a lovely day whatever you are doing. .
“Amazing warmth and focal point”
“Best Buy Ever”
dmhicks18 Winter is coming 🔥 #stovax #blazing #pyromaniac
Paul & Sally, Stockton 4, First time homeowners
“The Heart of the Home”