Stovax Poppy & Wheatsheaf, decorated single tile - 4288

Poppy & Wheatsheaf, Single Decorated Fireplace Tile

Single Tiles

Faithfully reproduced from Victorian originals, Stovax fireplace single tiles are ideal for use in both antique and reproduction cast iron tiled fireplaces. Set against a rich cream glaze, the decoration uses up to 18 separate colours in each design to make the tiles indistinguishable from hand-coloured originals. Unless stated otherwise, Stovax tiles measure 152 x 152 x 9mm (Subject to normal manufacturing tolerances), the edges are virtually square, so that the tiles can be laid hard up against each other without the need for grout.

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Reviews and Customer Showcase
“Winter Warmer”
“We look forward to coming home and lighting our Stovax woodburner”
James, Studio 2 Profil, Smart Home
♥ Reclaimed wood mantel piece & log burner ♥
“Attractive efficient stove”
“The cat likes it!”
“Suddenly we have a much cosier sitting room”
“After, limestone fire surround with stovax wood burner fitted, sunburst mirror adds a little 70’s vibe”
Thanks to our customers for sharing their new #Yeomanstove
“Excellent value”
@stovaxgazco #festivefireside competition #gazco #huntigdon30 🔥🎄🎅🏽 would love to win the festive hamper 😍
“Our Warm & Cosy Fireplace”
“Stylish, clean and efficient”
“Creature comforts”
“New build”
“Stovax Riva Duplex double sided inset stove”
“Gertie’s Recommendation”
Lovely Christmas Fireplace
“Money well spent”
“Perfect solution to suit our existing fireplace and sitting room”
“Great value for super heat”
“Winter warmer”
“Cosy and warm with Stovax”
“Great stove easy to use and very warm”
Carol and Majid, Nordpeis Quadro, Pannal Water Tower
Sue & Rob, Studio Electric 80, Dorma Bungalow renovation
“Happy Days for Bart”
“Warm & Cosy”
“Inglenook re-opened after 100 years”