Riva2 800 and 1050 Product Safety Notices

Posted 17th July 2013

Gazco Limited takes the safety and quality of its products seriously, and as such we always take appropriate action if we become aware of any potential issues with our products. The links below detail a potential issue that could present itself in certain rare circumstances of multiple service and installation failures on Riva2 800 & 1050 fires purchased before 31 July 2013. The information on the links below explains the potential issues and advises of the appropriate necessary steps to rectify the potential problem.

If you believe you have a Riva2 800 or 1050 that may be covered by this Product Safety Notice and have not yet received any correspondence directly from Gazco on this matter, please use the contact details below to get in touch with our dedicated team.

It is important if you are either an owner or user of a Riva2 800 or 1050 fire affected by this Product Safety Notice that you have read the Home Owner and User Advisory letter and the Inspection Instructions set out below and followed the advice set out in these. If for any reason you have any questions having read the Advisory Letter and Inspection Instructions please do not hesitate to email or call us.

Contact Details

United Kingdom
01392 261905
01392 444148

Rest of the world
0044 1392 261908
0044 1392 261974


Please note; if you are outside of the United Kingdom, all information provided within these documents is relevant, however the field product safety enhancement may be carried out by a third party and you will be notified of this in due course.