Real installs, real homes

Real installs, real homes

Now that the nights are slowly drawing in, you may have begun your search for a new stove or fire. Before the heating season kicks off, here is a round-up of all the wonderful case studies we have seen this year – all featuring a fireplace.

Nicky’s shaker-style breakfast room

Nicky was looking for a replacement for her old oil burner in their basement breakfast room. She chose a Gazco Huntingdon 30 electric stove in ivory to complement her off-white shaker style kitchen. Find out more about her home here.

Brogan’s minimalist hotel-inspired home

Brogan opted for an electric Gazco Studio Inset fire, fit to a stunning media wall with a large TV above it. You can follow her inspirational home on Instagram, and read more about this modern fireplace here.

Simon’s Nordic style

If you are a fan of George Clarke, you may have spotted the Nordpeis Quadro 2T in Simon’s home in Channel 4’s Ugly House to Lovely House. Redesigned to be an uber contemporary space, Simon’s wood burning stove looked fantastic in its corner placement. You can catch up with this episode on All 4, and read more about Simon’s home here.

Deborah’s colourful London living space

A natural researcher, Deborah enjoyed finding the perfect stove, eventually coming across the Stovax Stockton 5. This was the stove she needed to match her pops of colour, with its all-black design. Deborah share photos of her home on Instagram, and you can read more about her modern-meets-retro fireplace here.

Tina’s sleek extension

Tina wanted a slice of contemporary elegance from her fireplace, so opted for the portrait design of the Gazco Studio Electric 22 fire. Read more about her installation here.

Ben’s clean cut living room

Wanting something easy to switch on and off, but with a woodburning aesthetic, Ben chose a Riva2 750HL gas fire, with brick lining to enhance the overall aesthetic. Read more about his stunning hole-in-the-wall gas fire here.

Laura’s crisp clean living room

Laura likes simple monochrome palettes, with a splash of colour on feature walls. She was looking for a wood burner with crisp clean lines to complement her sleek style. Her search was challenging, until she found the Stovax Studio range of modern inset fires which ticked all the boxes for her. Read more about her home here, and follow her home progress on Instagram.

Liz’s bold and eclectic style

Liz likes to keep her style fluid and ever-changing. Her current home is full of dark walls with accessories that pop with colour against blues and blacks. The Elise 540 stove and bench from Stovax fit all her requirements – a black stove, with a contemporary simple shape, seamlessly blends into her living space and will stand the test of time. Follow her Instagram feed here, and read more about her home here.

Katie’s oak-framed extension project

Katie’s extension is filled with light, and needed a central feature that would really bring a focus to the space. With smart and elegant style, the Studio Freestanding made the perfect focal point giving out the beautiful glow Katie was looking for. Follow her home updates on her Instagram feed, and read more about her project here.

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Posted by on September 10, 2018

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