Riva Open Convector Fires

Riva Open Convector Fires

The Riva™ Open Convectors from Stovax provide you with the best of both worlds – a real open fire yet with a heating efficiency double that of a normal grate or hearth mounted appliance.

Improved Heating Performance

Carbon Neutral Energy

Everyone loves the warmth and atmosphere of an open fire with dancing flames, crackling logs or glowing coals. Unfortunately, open fires are not always very efficient at heating your room. The Stovax Riva™ Open Convectors are an exception to this! Designed to produce warm convected air as well as radiant heat, these open fires have a heating efficiency double that of a normal grate or hearth mounted fire.

Versions for most chimneys

Suitable for most homes (if your house has a chimney* you can almost certainly install a Riva™ Open Convectors), these versatile convector fires are available in five widths and two different heights so that they may be fitted into a wide variety of fireplace types and heat rooms of different proportions. Visit our Chimneys and Flues Systems for Solid Fuel Stoves & Fires for more information. There is also a choice of decorative styles to complement both traditional and contemporary interiors.

*Conforming to Building Regulations for solid fuels. If unsure, please check with your Stovax retailer

Convector Efficiency

Riva™ Open Convectors have been specially designed to draw in cooler,
ambient air and heat it in the convection chambers positioned either side and behind the visible ‘firebox’. The warmed air passes out into the room through the top air vent, adding to the radiant heat emitted by the fire. Furthermore, there is an air control (operated by a removable handle) which allows you to have maximum draught for lighting the fire but, once ablaze, an even more efficient burn can be achieved by reducing the air flow. This control can also be partially closed when the fire is out to reduce down draughts from the chimney.

Key Design Features

Riva Open Convector Fires

  1. Cooler air drawn in
  2. Specially designed convection chambers
  3. Warmed convected air flows into room
  4. Design allows chimney to be swept
  5. Removable multi-grate and damper control tool
  6. Removable tray/pan for disposal of ash/cinders
  7. Dual skin construction in heavy gauge steel

Our range of Riva Convector fires