About Riva Inset Fires

About Riva Inset Fires

The Riva™ Inset Fires can burn wood and multi-fuel and is available in six sizes, all of which are available as hearth mounted 3-sided models or 4-sided models for installations further up the wall.

Riva Inset Fire Sizes


The outstanding Riva™ Inset Fires is available in four different sizes, offering greater installation possibilities for interiors of all proportions. With two portrait, one landscape and one virtually square size, the beautifully designed Riva fires are the perfect blend of versatility and style.

Riva™ Inset Fires are available in a Metallic Black finish. Choose from standard or wide Profil frames, both of which are available in three or four sided versions, depending on whether you want a traditional hearth mounted fire or a more contemporary ‘hole in the wall’ installation.

Smoke Control Area Approved

Smoke Control Approved

Many of the Riva™ Insets on this web site are approved for the burning of logs in Smoke Control Areas (when the appropriate smoke control kit is fitted) and this is shown on the relevant product pages.

Your Stovax retailer can give you further help and advice.

Key Design Features

Riva Inset Key Features

    1. High density, thermal brick liner system.
    2. Heated air jets from cleanburn ports on all three sides burn hydrocarbons in smoke.
    3. Unique stainless steel baffle (multi-fuel).
    4. Single combustion control lever.
    5. Unique “Opti-Burn” setting provides optimum efficiency and visual effect for woodburning.
    6. Airtight door with removable stainless steel handle.
    7. Convected and radiant heat.
    8. Externally operated riddling grate
    9. Convected heat ducting system outlets (Riva 50, 55 & 66 inset only).
    10. Easy fit flue connection through inset.
    11. Removable stainless steel ashpan.
    12. Optional multi-fuel kit † (not illustrated)
    13. Optional stainless steel tool holder (not illustrated)
    14. Optional Smoke Control Kit enables the burning of logs in Smoke Control Areas (Riva 40, 50, 55 & 66 cassettes only – not illustrated)

  1. Optional fan-assisted convection system (Riva 50, 55 & 66 insets only – not illustrated)
  2. Optional ash caddy (not illustrated)

† Required if smokeless fuel is to be used regularly

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