Riva2 800 Features

Riva2 800 Gas Fires Features

The Riva2 800 model takes large format gas fires to a whole new level with high efficiency heating and striking designer aesthetics. This stunning fire is available with a choice of styling options in addition to being compatible with Gazco’s collection of six beautifully crafted, classic stone mantels.

Frame Options

Whether you want to achieve an up to the minute look, or have your heart set on something a little more traditional, the Riva2 800 is as impressive in its styling potential as it is in its heating performance.

Installing your fire as a frameless Edge model will bring a thoroughly contemporary focal point to your room with the beautiful flame picture providing all the aesthetic appeal. To enhance the Edge model further, consider creating a feature wall with one of Gazco’s Fireplace Tile Surround package. This exquisite collection of natural stone and porcelain tiles work well with any contemporary fireplace setting but are a particular complement to the modern Edge models.

To add yet more visual impact to this impressively proportioned fire, there is a choice of frames all designed to enrich the clean geometric form of the Riva2 800. Opt for the new Icon XS frame with its sleek black glass front to really accentuate the fire as a wall mounted focal point or for an alternative hearth mounted look, consider the Sorrento frame which is crafted from your choice of natural limestone or polished black granite.

For an altogether more traditional look, pair your Riva2 800 with one of six timeless and elegant stone mantels, expertly blending classical fireplace styling with the very latest in heating design and technology.

Riva2 800 Edge
Riva2 800 Icon XS – Black Glass
Riva2 800 Sorrento – Polished Granite or Natural Limestone
Riva2 800
Riva2 800 with Claremont Stone Mantel in Natural Limestone*.
*There is a choice of six stone mantels in either Natural Limestone or Antique White Marble

Lining Options

To further tailor your Riva2 800 to your own setting, there is a choice of two stylish linings, each designed to offer a completely different look for this impressively proportioned fire. Choose from the timeless black reeded lining for a more classic look or opt for the vermiculite lining which extends the light of the fire glow.
Black Reeded Riva2 800
Black Reeded Lining
Vermiculite Lining Riva2 800
Vermiculite Lining

Remote Control


Riva2 800 fires come complete with a state-of-the-art programmable Programmable Thermostatic remote control as standard. This allows remote operation of everything from ignition to extinguish as well as incorporating the benefits of a programmable timer and thermostat.