Why choose a cast iron log burner?

Why choose a cast iron log burner?

Cast iron is still a popular choice for log burners due to its heat diffusing properties.

Britain has a long history of using cast iron for household appliances. It is one of the materials that fed the success of the Industrial Revolution due to the UK’s once plentiful natural supply of coal, iron ore and water.

Using cast iron became popular in Britain

Using cast iron became popular in Britain

As a result, the use of cast iron thrived and the manufacture of products using this material became widespread and encompassed many areas of production. In the Victorian era it became the material of objects from fencing to cart wheels and fireplaces to kitchen pots, pans and cooking ranges.

Over the water in Europe, cast iron was a material used for the manufacture of wood burning stoves; their purpose to provide essential warmth for the home. Facilitated by the extensive acreage of forest that supplied the logs for wood burning, continental Europe led the way in utilising this effective method of heating for its frequently long and bitterly cold winters.

The UK soon followed suit and embraced wood burning with households installing a log burner in place of or to complement an existing fireplace. Cast iron, being so widely available and cheap, quickly became the traditional material for premium wood burners. Today, despite advances in the production of steel, cast iron is still a popular choice for stove manufacturers due to its heat diffusing properties which allow the warmth generated to be radiated slowly into the room for a comfortable and even temperature. Some stoves combine cast iron with steel – using the heavy duty, cost effective qualities of the latter with the energy efficiency of the former.

Cast iron is also recommended by its malleability which allows it to be moulded into a variety of designs to create a wealth of intricate and elegant detail. The Huntingdon stove by Stovax demonstrates this, with its beautifully crafted tracery door design securing its aesthetic reputation.

Would you like to find out more about our Cast Iron Stove range?

The following Stovax log burner ranges are made with cast iron:

Brunel stoves

Brunel Cast Iron Stoves

Incorporating the latest state-of-the-art features, the Brunel wood burning and multi-fuel stove range is available in three sizes. With a choice of enamel colours as well as the Traditional Matt Black, this neat range also includes full multi-fuel capability and an externally operated riddling grate. You can enjoy the beautiful swirling flames from the widescreen glass window, as a result of the Cleanburn system.

View the full Brunel range here.

Huntingdon Stoves

Huntingdon Cast Iron Stoves

With a choice of five sizes, you can install the Huntingdon stove in a variety of locations. From a country cottage to a modern townhouse, this popular wood burning and multi-fuel stove range has Gothic door mouldings complemented by reeded side panels. There is even a choice to opt for matching flue pipe, particularly when installing your stove in an inglenook.

View the full Huntingdon range here.

Regency Stoves

Regency Cast Iron Stoves

Available in two sizes, the Regency stove was originally patented by Benjamin Franklin in 1742. With the doors open and a fire burning, this wood burning and multi-fuel stove produces the atmosphere of a traditional open fireplace. Supplied with a pair of polished brass balls with each stove and a brass rail set is available as an optional accessory – there is even a choice to fix an optional barbecue or bean pot!

View the Regency range here.

Sheraton Stoves

Sheraton Cast Iron Stoves

Ideal for use in traditional or modern settings, the Sheraton wood burning and multi-fuel stove has clean classical lines and extra large thermal glass windows. With an effective Airwash system to keep the windows clean, this beautiful stove help produce a very clean burn with lower environmental pollution. The Sheraton cast iron stove is also offered with different grate and thermostat options and a Matt Black finish.

View our Sheraton wood burning and multi-fuel stove here.

Where is my nearest Stovax retailer?

Use our Find A Retailer page on the Stovax website. Your local retailer will be able to offer you advice about cast iron wood burning stoves as well as arrange a site visit of your home to consider its suitability and recommend a HETAS registered installer. All members of our Expert Retailer Network have showrooms where you can see many stoves and fires burning live to get an accurate impression of what you can expect in your home. Buying from our Expert Retailer Network also enables you to take advantage of our extended warranty of up to 5 years.

2 responses to “Why choose a cast iron log burner?”

  1. Alan Vincent says:

    I have inherited a Don Quantock oil burning stove. I’m told it’s a 7Kw device. Can I get a User guide, manual, instructions, maintenance, installation guide from anywhere?

    Thank you in advance. Any help much appreciated.

    • Camille says:

      Hello Alan, I am sorry to inform you that this instruction manual is no longer available. I would suggest having a look at E-bay, as people often sell manuals that they might have inherited. I hope this helps. Regards, Camille

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