Features - Hearth Mounted

State of the art features - Hearth mounted fires

Cast Iron Construction

Cast Iron remains the material of choice for many premium quality stoves and fireplaces. This is because of the way cast iron diffuses warmth, giving maximum radiant heat over a period of time.

Further, the iron can be cast more thickly in areas where greater strength is needed, whilst additionally allowing attractive designs to be cast into the panels.

Convection System

Our convector fireplaces greatly enhance convected heating efficiency. By drawing cool air through the grate and heating it in a convection chamber before diffusing the warmed air back into the room, the result is a heating efficiency twice that of a traditional open fire.

Radiant Heat & Convection System

Radiant Heat: occurs when an object or surface becomes warm and then emits the heat back in to the room. Certain materials store heat particularly well and can radiate this stored heat back into the room over an extended period.

Radiant heat will travel through the air from its source until it hits an object, and the object (typically furniture or people) will be heated.

Convected Heat: heats the air around the fire or stove. Our convector fireplaces greatly enhance convected heating efficiency. By drawing cool air through the grate and heating it in a convection chamber before diffusing the warmed air back into the room, the result is a heating efficiency twice that of a traditional open fire.

Hearth mounted gas fires - state of the art features



A top-of the range 16" wide fire that provides exceptional heating efficiency and improved fuel economy. The fire is set behind a virtually invisible glass window. Available in conventional and balanced flue options and a choice of coal or pebble effect fuel beds.

E-Box fires are available as an option with many Gazco fire frames.



A very high efficiency 16" wide fire that is set behind a virtually invisible glass window. E-Studio fires successfully combine the technology of E-Box fires with the distinctive White Stone ribbon flame effect of our Studio fires.

E-Studio fires are available as an option with many Gazco fire frames.


Variable Flame Controls.vfc convector

VFC Convectors: Available in 16" and 22" widths, the VFC Convector is our most versatile fire. It is suitable for brick chimneys only but offers the additional benefits of a slightly deeper fuel bed and unique VFC (varible flame control) system. This allows you to select the exact balance of flame, glow and heat to suit your mood. Reduced draught versions are also available if you do not want a wall or floor vent installed.vfc tapered

VFC Tapered (Radiant): These fires are for those who want all the visuals of a Gazco fire but do not require the additional heat of a convector or do not wish to refurbish an existing open fireplace. Tapered fires are available in 16" and 22" widths and can generally be fitted into existing openings without further building work.



Logic Fires are available in 16" widths and are the easiest of all our fires to install, giving you excellent value for money through reduced installation costs. Logic fires are available in Hotbox, Convector, and HE versions and are all Reduced Draught fires, meaning that in all cases a wall or floor vent is not required.

Logic fires are available as an option with many Gazco fire frames.

Logic Hotbox: Suitable for all chimney types, with a choice of coal or pebble fuel bed. The Logic Hotbox provides a warm focal point without the additional heat emitted by the Logic Convector.

Logic Convector: a highly efficient fire suitable for all chimney types. It incorporates a convection system that provides almost twice the heating efficiency of the Logic Hotbox. Available with coal or pebble fuel beds.

Logic HE: even greater efficiency than the Logic Convector fire. The Logic HE has a glass front and is 76% efficient.

Command Remote Controls

Gazco was the first UK company to introduce remote controls for gas fires. Today our Command remote control systems allow most fires to be upgraded, either at the time of purchase or a later date with either:remotes

Standard upgradable remote control: Once the pilot light has been ignited manually you can vary the flame height and heat output from the comfort of your armchair.

Programmable remote control: This deluxe version has two additional features. The first allows you to thermostatically control the room temperature whilst the second allows you to programme your fire to switch itself on and off twice a day. Use both and you can even come home to a glowing fire that has heated the room to the temperature you select.

Some fires in the Gazco range come with the remote control included with the product, these are:remotes

Open Studio sequential remote control: With this infra red remote control, you do not need to light the pilot manually as the whole operating sequence (on/off and flame height heat output) is activated from the handset itself.

Glass Fronted Studio, Linea and Riva2 sequential remote: This programmable, radio frequency remote control offers all of the features of the Open Studio sequential remote but with the additional benefits of programmable thermostatic and timer functions.
Electric Riva: This remote operates the electric Riva, allowing you at the touch of a button to choose between four different flame effects, with or without heat.

Hearth mounted wood & multi fuel fires - state of the art features

Approved for Smoke Control Areas

smoke control

Most town and city homes are located in Smoke Control Areas as designated by the Clean Air Act 1993.

To burn logs on a stove in these locations, the model installed must have been granted exemption from the regulations by the government through DEFRA.

This exemption is given only to appliances which have been independently tested to demonstrate particularly cleanburning combustion.

Any Stovax stoves shown as Approved for Smoke Control Areas can be used in these areas when fitted with the appropriate smoke control kit.


cleanburn logo

Cleanburn is part of Stovax’s Triple Air System technology.

With Cleanburn, secondary air is pre-heated as it passes through a heat exchanger chamber within the firebox. It is then drawn into the smoke stream, where it combusts unburnt hydrocarbons to provide a cleaner burn and greater thermal efficiency.

A stove with Cleanburn will give you more heat output from your fuel.


airwash logo

Airwash is part of Stovax’s firebox air flow technology.

Airwash is a design feature that uses a specially placed vent or vents to draw in cool air from the outside to ‘wash’ over the inside of the glass. This helps to keep the glass cleaner for longer, allowing you to enjoy the glow and flames to the full.

It is also used as primary combustion air when burning wood.

Integral Boiler version

As well as providing heat to the room, boiler stoves and fires can also supply domestic hot water and central heating requirements.

Depending on model, boiler stoves and fires can supply up to 19 standard sized radiators.

All boiler stoves and fires are designed for multi fuel use. This is because smokeless fuels tend to provide greater calorific values. Should you wish to reduce your CO2 emissions then you can burn a combination of smokeless fuels and logs together.

If wood burning only is your preference, you can still achieve good performace but, as logs burn best with slightly different firebox characteristics we recommend you purchase the optional log tray.

Thermostatic Controls

The stove thermostat provides automatic operation of the primary air control on a stove, by measuring the water temperature, to enable a preset temperature to be maintained. The setting of the control is usually via an operating knob on the stove body.

Heat Output to Water

These appliances can also supply some of their heat output to water, for use as domestic hot water or as part of a central heating system.

Depending on the model, heat output can be enough to supply up to 19 standard sized radiators.